Why I am voting for Gibo (and not for Gordon, Villar or Noynoy)

I am a 30-something entrepreneur based in Metro Manila. I have always been aware of/involved in current events — as a child, my parents brought me to EDSA I, in college I marched against the presence of the US Bases in the Philippines, as a young adult I was at EDSA Dos.

This election is really getting to me, and I’m no longer content with talking with my friends saying I hope Gibo wins. It’s not enough to sit there and say ‘sana’. I am writing this to explain my choice and hopefully to help others make theirs.

He is the only one who has had a clear and detailed platform from the start. He does not promise the impossible with grand statements, he is specific and tenacious in getting his message across. He cites specific problems and solutions of the different areas he visits — he has clearly prepared for this.

He has an excellent scholastic and professional track record. He has not disparaged his fellow candidates. The respect he has shown them has made him the favorite of the other candidates, their wives and children.




He will be able to reach out to the other parties when the elections are over — when work needs to get done.

He is intelligent and humble. He has inspired the youth. He is a statesman among politicians.

Please, almost all of them were identified with GMA at one time or another. Based on the number of defections from the Lakas camp and his current estrangement from his uncle Danding, Gibo is not anyone’s puppet. He is clearly his own man and his resolve to run his campaign in the matter he sees fit has ruffled many trapos feathers.

Despite defections, Lakas is still the dominant party with representatives in the national and local level. No one can match their machinery in campaigning from the grassroots — evidence of this is slowly emerging. Very few, if any, of the other parties fielded full slates in the local level.

He has the most passionate, well spoken, informed and organized volunteers who actively campaign for him everyday. Such enthusiasm is inspiring and contagious — and it might just be enough to win over the undecided votes. The silent majority is tired of the empty promises and mudslinging. They want a president they can be proud of.

This 2-candidate, good vs. evil battle is a media creation. Your vote is only wasted if your choice is based on fear, emotion and/or nostalgia rather than who you really think is qualified and deserving.

“Winnability” is a concept used by traditional politicians to appeal to the Filipinos’ need to always feel like they are part of the winning circle — hence the commissioned and questionable surveys. Many of us enjoy betting on the winner, as if watching a horse race, but really, what is the benefit of being on the winning team if you end up with a loser for a President?

Win or lose, I know that Gibo is the most deserving, prepared and qualified candidate. I am proud to cast my vote for him.

Meanwhile, there were only 3 other candidates worth thinking about:

ERAP – Just kidding.

GORDON – Yes, he has a good track record with Subic and the Red Cross. He is also a relatively successful Senator. However, I’ve had a couple of first hand experiences with him, corroborated by other people’s experiences, that showed me a few unfortunate traits. He loves the sound of his own voice too much, he talks down to people, is abrasive and doesn’t like to listen to others.

Maybe it’s from his Subic experience where everyone was a volunteer and willing to be dictated upon, but a good leader really needs to listen. A good leader should also know how to speak to people of different levels without alienating them. He needs to respect other opinions and accept that he is not an expert on everything all the time. Gordon has a “love him or hate him” personality, humility is not his strong suit and he is prone to outbursts. Basically, I think he’ll just piss a lot of people off. Sorry, but I want to actually like the person I’m voting for.

Oh and he wants to grant amnesty to the Abu Sayyaf. Um, no. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100216-253573/Gordon-Amnesty-for-Abu-Sayyaf-armed-groups

On the practical side, despite questioning the surveys, Gordon will really not win. In a country made up of over 7,000 islands, machinery wins elections — not advertisements, not televised debates. Simply put, Gordon doesn’t have the machinery needed to win the presidency.

VILLAR – I actually admire how from modest beginnings, he was able to build a real estate empire. He took this further by holding local and national elective positions until he made it all the way to Senate President. I don’t take his ambition against him — clearly, this man had a dream and the will to make it a reality — the Presidency is simply the next logical step in his path.

If not for the C5 issue and the super trapo-style campaign he’s running, he would be my second choice. Don’t even get me started on Willie Revillame…

Ok, ok, I have to say something about Willie — to me, he and that TV show he hosts epitomizes a lot of what’s wrong with this country. They prey on the underprivileged members of society, demean them with stupid games knowing that they will do almost anything because they need the money. The show encourages you to, rather than be productive, spend all day in a queue, pray that you get into the studio, pray again you get chosen for a game, get patronized and made fun of by the obnoxious host, and hopefully, ultimately win money — one time big time style. It is the total antithesis of Villar’s “Sipag and Tiyaga” motto — and yet Villar chose to be endorsed by Wille. As long as you are popular, even if your show killed 78 people (Ultra stampede — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u501Emp6aXw) I want you on my team. Yikes.

NOYNOY – What has Noynoy done to deserve the presidency? (cue the sound of crickets)

I have more admiration for someone who has always aspired to be president and is obsessed with it, than for someone who had no plans of running, but because of a sudden surge in popularity, decides to run. Let’s face it, if Noynoy’s parents were not  Ninoy and Cory, we wouldn’t even be talking about him.

Some argue that Cory was also inexperienced and had no plans of running for president either. True, but during that time, the people really only had 2 choices. That was then, this is now. Get over it. We have far better options today.

Watching Noynoy, I wondered why he always seemed to have a prepared statement to read. Could he not formulate his own answers? Wasn’t he a quick thinker? Then I saw a few interviews where he spoke off the cuff…here are a couple of gems:

On the surveys showing Villar was leading: “May survey na ma­tino at may survey na na­bibili sa Quiapo pamin­san-min­san na may ka­sama pang champoy,”

I bet he thought, oh I’m so witty! But by saying surveys can be bought, he cast doubt on the earlier surveys showing he was leading. So let me get this straight — surveys that show him leading are scientific and accurate, surveys that don’t are paid for and bogus? Ah, ok.

On not being able to pass a single authored bill (am paraphrasing):  Marami daw kasing nagfa-file and refile. And if you check daw his performance, he was always present, “nagbabantay” and doing investigations. http://www.gmanews.tv/eleksyon2010/story/news/189213/kandidato-noynoy-aquino-takes-on-televisions-toughest-job-interview

A legislator’s main function is to make laws. Law maker po kayo, hindi security guard. Investigations are supposed to be in aid of legislation only. Always being present is not equal to good performance. That’s like saying you are a good student even if you sleep during class, as long as you are physically present. The sheer number of other bills being filed should not be a hindrance to your own bills. If your bills are good and if you have the tenacity, drive and resourcefulness, you should be able get them passed. E si Lito Lapid nga e…

Noynoy likes to talk about human rights and justice. To that I have two words: Hacienda Luisita

The Luisita Swindle http://www.bworldonline.com/main/content.php?id=9529

Really? Now that you’re running for President, you want to distribute the land? After so many years of sitting by watching them suffer, you suddenly want to give the land to the farmers? Maybe you should have discussed it with your cousin Fernando first because he told the New York Times  a different story. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/15/world/asia/15phils.html

He is not specific enough with his program/platform. It’s just a slew of motherhood statements. Ok, so you hate GMA, and you won’t steal. And then what?

Yet, more and more he speaks like someone who is a sure win, like he is ENTITLED to the presidency. He was even irresponsible enough to say that failure of elections will result in people marching in the streets. If you are really the choice of the majority and have what it takes to become president, why the need to condition the minds of the people? You are supposedly a champion of democracy, so why encourage/threaten unrest? We do not need an administration whose only platform is vengeance.

Also, this good vs. evil thing that his campaign is spewing is really frustrating. Noynoy is good, everyone else is bad. Issues raised against him are black propaganda by paid hacks but issues he raises against others are valid and true. He can bring up his parents anytime, but if a rival mentions them, it’s disrespectful and sacrilegious. Puhleez… a quick check of who are behind his campaign will tell you that the line between good and evil is pretty blurred in that camp.

I actually feel sorry for him. I’m sure he knows he is not fit to be president. They talk about Gibo being a puppet of GMA, but really, it’s Noynoy that is the puppet of the power hungry elements who want to be back in the driver’s seat.


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257 Responses to “Why I am voting for Gibo (and not for Gordon, Villar or Noynoy)”

  1. francis Says:

    well said madame! it’s true that during the time of marcos, we desperately needed someone to take in charge of democracy, and cory was the most winnable option. now the game is truly different, we have options like gibo and gordon, but people are still inspired by unrealistic promises.

    i’m proud to cast my vote on gibo. our country may not have the chance to have a presidentiable as qualified, competent, and practical as gibo.

    • whyichoosegibo Says:

      True… Ninoy and Cory are beloved symbols of democracy in the Philippines. But EDSA 1 belongs to and was about the PEOPLE, not just a handful of personalities. No single person or group can claim credit for democracy and EDSA 1

  2. dodi Says:

    I have exhorted our young readers to read this very well written and very articulate piece. I congratulate you for your well-thought of choice for president and more so, for your writing. This is very inspirational for our youth. Thank you ma’m, sincerely, coming from an “old” post-EDSA 1, 2 and 3 fogey.

  3. iheartg1bo Says:

    we at G1BO-negros oriental have already disseminated this enlightening article sa lahat ng sulok ng facebook na kaya naming abutin 😀 DAPAT G1BO! SULONG PILIPINAS!!!

  4. Niknik Says:

    Well written piece Madam! Congratulations. 😉

  5. roy c. ragunton Says:

    It is for these reasons that my family chose GIBO, our preferred president come this may 10 election, congratulation, madam for a well written and meaningful informative piece

  6. chona valles Says:

    thank you for this. now i know i will vote for gibo!

  7. Gi Says:

    Very well said indeed. Congratulations!

  8. Tchan Says:

    Thank you for this. I am sharing your link with people in my circle.

    I’ve been continuously venting about my frustrations on hearing people utter, “Gibo’s the best-qualified to be president, but too bad he won’t win”. Too bad for us. Similarly, “Gibo won’t win anyway, so I’ll just vote xxx so YYY won’t win.” It’s a repeat of 2004, and we can all see where that got us.

    We should all try to get people to change their mindsets about “settling” on others on the basis of winnability. Surveys don’t accurately reflect the real preferences of people.

    Everyone just loses out on a good leader by assuming nobody will vote for them, when in fact there are quite a lot who would, if they only knew there were many more like them.

  9. Jazz Says:

    Thank you for putting it all in this article. I have also grown tired of explaining why i’m for Mr. Teodoro as opposed to MV and NA to people who are easily c0nvinced by there empty and imp0ssible ads. It was only G1BO who was brave enough to say the reality of what the country is g0ing through and give a step-by-step solution to it and n0t just fast forward to a goal that would seem far to achieve. Therefore, I too am G1BO. Thank you again.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Thank you all for reading and sharing this article.

      It’s true, so many people don’t want to be the odd man out. I’m hoping this article shows them that they’re not. Personally, I would rather be a lone, reasonable, sane, logical person than part of a throng of blind fanatics who cannot explain their choice.

  10. krienne21 Says:

    Amen to that!! Nice article. Worth sharing to those especially blinded by the NA fad.

  11. Topaz Horizon Says:

    Amen to all that! I wish the Filipino people will vote with their brains and their gut, not their heart. And you’re right–why does Aquino feel entitled to the presidency? Since when did we become a dynastic government? Oh. Right. Since always. Sad sad sad.

  12. NoynoonG1boNgayon Says:

    “I will for Ninoy Aquino!! That’s for sure!”- That’s my answer when they ask me who will I vote for in the coming elections. But after having read your piece, am starting to think about it all over again! I think you are right about Gibo! No one has ever convinced me to change my mind or even doubt Ninoy for that matter. Now my line is “I think therefore I am for G1bo!

  13. NoynoonG1boNgayon Says:

    Hope Kris Aquino can read this!

    • Bettina Says:

      There are just some close minded people who refuse to see past Noynoy & Cory. Sad to say, my paternal family members are so. I have sent this article to them plus the video of Walang Bahid or Walang Budhi. Thankfully, my mother’s family are all for GIBO. I know we made the right choice. It’s time to MOVE FORWARD. NEW LEADERSHIP, NO HOPE. Clean slate so to speak. WICG (Why I Choose Gibo), thank you for sharing this. Rest assured this will be passed and circulated. GO GIBO. GO Philippines. SULONG.

  14. bettina Says:

    great article. thank you for sharing this.

  15. paid hack poser Says:

    Why NOT Gibo. But my dear gibo is indeed a puppet. Choosing gma? He should have listened to his uncle who happens to be Marcosian right? He is indeed ambitious and ambitious enough to do anything even embracing the kiss of death. Wasn’t he also a member of the brat pack who tried to impeach hilario davide? Wasn’t he dod chief when 57 people got massacred by his own men I.e. para military personnel?
    Wasn’t he the Guy patting himself at the back during ondoy instead of admitting government is ill equipped? See the root here is poverty molded by corruption.

    Noynoy is thrust into the limelight because he is the symbol of hope of clean governance thanks to the LEGACY OF HIS PARENTS. It is not because of mama and papa; its what cory and ninoy DIED for and all of those heroes like jose rizal, evelio javier sacrificed their lives for If you were in edsa 1 or 2 you know that the job is not finished I.e. to rid us of corruption etc.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      We shall have to agree to disagree.
      The truth is, Noynoy was thrust into the limelight because Cory died and Mar Roxas’ ratings weren’t as good as LP had hoped. However, you can romanticize about his parents’ legacy, hope and destiny all you want. Other than these concepts, there is nothing concrete that can hold Noynoy up as a worthy president.
      Even if Gibo wasn’t running I still wouldn’t vote for Noynoy.

      • jcdlr Says:

        ok, so you’ve answered the 2nd part of “paid hacker poser’s”
        comment. what about the 1st part on SC CJ impeachment move,
        Ampatuan case, and his performance during Ondoy.

        I am asking this question as part of my discernment for the coming

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        If you check my reply to one of the comments from a Gordon supporter, I talked about Gibo and Ondoy there. Paid Hack Poser’s statement that Gibo was patting himself on the back is puzzling to me. The guy didn’t have enough time to do everything needed, much less pat himself on the back. Even the visiting UN representative said it was understandable that the govt was overwhelmed due to the unanticipated scale of the catastrophe. http://www.greatnews.ph/2009/un-official-meets-pgma-on-extent-of-damages-of-typhoon-ondoy/

        I also talked about the impeachment in reply to Jack Quintos’ comments — May 2 or 3 I believe.

        As for the Ampatuan case, as you know the conflict in Mindanao is far more complicated that we will ever understand. The para-military forces or CAFGU that I believe Paid Hack Poser referred to were actually created in 1987 during the administration of Cory Aquino to help the Armed Forces combat the insurgents. Eventually, the CAFGUs became too powerful and prone to committing abuses. There was a move in 1993 to disarm them, but this was halted in 1996 because the Armed Forces didn’t have enough soldiers to combat the insurgents.

        I think Gibo was able to pinpoint that AFP’s modernization and better pay/incentives for the soldiers would help in lessening, if not eradicating the need for para-military forces. I don’t believe it’s fair to expect Gibo to eradicate a problem that took decades to create within his 2 year stint at the DND.

    • dvg Says:

      if NA wins, i think therefore we dont think.

    • Grip Says:

      don’t get started on Jose Rizal.. you must remember, Jose Rizal is a reformist, not a revolutionist…

    • roronoa_zoro Says:

      symbol of clean governance…. ok….
      but just being a symbol doesn’t mean he has the skills…. if only he did a big part during his senate years, that will be acceptable

  16. studentnurse2011 Says:

    Thanks for a very nice article. I find it really helpful in making me decide which presidentiable candidate to vote. I am not so informed of politics and not so updated of what’s up and what’s not. As i read your article, i realize that my preference between Noynoy and Gibo is a bit out of reality. We can’t deny that many of the youth today are ill informed of the candidates and are blinded by many different factors evolving around.

    As a first time voter, i can proudly say that i will cast my vote to Gibo.
    I recommend your article to other people who really want a change, a difference from what it used to be. thanks a lot. Great piece

  17. Leecha Says:

    totally absolutely agree with you on this especially on the commentary on NOYNOY!!! and may I add this thing with Kris Aquino….so sorry I feel like you cannot talk about NOT voting for noynoy without talking about how obnoxious, arrogant and conceited she is! imagine if NOynoy wins! Anybody but NOYNOY!!! (uhhmmm..actually, JUST G1BO)
    that said, I have to ask your permission to repost your article so many blinded by ads and this so-called good vs evil campaign will be enlightened (I HOPE!).
    Sulong G1BO!!! Thanks!

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Please feel free to share with anyone who wants to read it.
      I could but didn’t write about Kris — I believe life is too short and precious to subject myself to such torture.

  18. timlibunao Says:

    very well said. I am for G1BO and I am sharing this to more of my friends and peers.

  19. Jeffrey S. Says:

    For me, either VILLAR or GIBO will do, becasue these people already has a PLAN to run for Presidency.
    BUT NOT NOYNOY, this guy was just SMOKING his 2nd pack of Cigarette late afternoon when he was tap on his shoulder by these OPORTUNISTAS and ask him to RAN FOR PRESIDENT. (HUH!? OO nga ‘no? sige.. tatakbo ‘kong PRESIDENTE!!!)
    How old is this NOYNOY? He don’t even have his OWN Family. Ano ba yan? TROPA-TROPA lang?

    • lhena Says:

      I still don’t get it… what made all these people believe that he will never be corrupt?

      Like what I always say… NOT DOING ANYTHING IN THE SENATE IS ANOTHER FORM OF CORRUPTION. People (those paying taxes like us) are the ones paying his salary to do his job, and what is he doing?

  20. Azsha Says:

    Great article! My whole family will be voting for him…Thanks for publishing this one…

  21. Marci Loves This Says:

    AMAZING ARTICLE! Thank You Thank You Thank You. Loved your reply to Paid Hack Poser. I have the same sentiments as you. We all have our reasons why we choose a candidate but what really upsets me is when people believe in a candidate but choose not to vote for him because they believe he will not win anyway… what a cop out. Follow your GUT and like this amazing writer says Gibo is really the most qualified. You must be …………… if you don’t see it. I so believe in GIBO and believe me I don’t bother myself with politics ever because I find it a waste of my energy but now with GIBO running the Philippines has a BIG BIG chance to turn around. I actually see a great future for our country. God bless you GIBO!

  22. G1BOforpresident2010 Says:

    Great and well written article! Glad to see more people are supporting Gibo because of your post.

    Thank you for sharing this and I will be re-posting this on Facebook.

  23. concerncitizen Says:

    quote: “there were only 3 other candidates worth thinking about”

    i think u missed someone important.. how about bro. eddie villanueva?

  24. eskarpado83 Says:

    G1BO’s basic understanding of self government, individual freedom and liberty, and smaller civil government is the foundation of his stellar platform of governance that would catalyze resurgence as a decent and prosperous nation worthy of the respect by our neighbors and of the world. Not only this, but his apparent clean image and morality is a unifying factor for our multi-faith society. NA’s morality is borrowed heavily from the nuns that surround him. MBV’s is undefined or marred by impropriety which he never re-butt in the right forum. Erap’s,- nevermind. Gordon’s- he lost his golden opportunity to be PResident in 1998. Eddie.. is really a good servant and brother, with all the good intentions and genuine love for the country.. I would rather him stick to his original calling – to preach the word and set the captives free.. G1BO all the way!

  25. Ed Says:

    Hi. This is a very well written piece that has effectively expressed how a lot of us feel.

    I hope you can translate this to Filipino, though- para malabas nating ang sentimiyento natin at mabasa ng ating mga kababayan na hindi pa nakapag-desisyon kung sino ang ihahalal.


  26. kabukidoll Says:

    True, Gibo maybe a good legislator. But he must be the most stupid of them all. He was naive enough na hindi niya nakitang ginagamit lang syang panghati ng boto and nagpatulak siya kina GMA and the rest of the party na susuportahan siya till the end. IDEALLY we need a true statesman. (A statesman is different from a politician.) But if we want someone to change the system, we need someone who is also a politician, one who can recognize the in’s and out’s of politics and not let himself be used by the interests of other people. If not, although magaling siya, he’ll be eaten up by the system and gagamitin lang siya ng mga tao.

    As for Noynoy, I don’t like the guy at all. But i would rather choose him than Villar. You might say I’m just resorting to the “lesser evil” tactic but if you think of it logically, it is the most ideal and FEASIBLE for our country. If you think you’ll vote for Gibo and say, he’ll win if all supporters of Gibo just stop thinking about him not winning and just vote for him. There is such a thing as a TIPPING POINT. The point when a phenomenon happens because it has reached a certain amount of people for it to successfully occur. Anong gagawin nyo kakausapin nyo lahat ng mga masa sa kalye? Facebook? Tingin niyo ilang tao sa Pilipinas ang may Facebook? Mga labandera, manikyurista at mga tao dyan sa tabi tabi meron? Idealism should be guided by REALITY. Ideally maganda ang mga patakaran at mga plano ni Gibo. Pero pinakita na niya na madali syang matulak sa mga bagay. Tulad nalang ng pagtakbo bilang presidente na alam niya sigurong hindi siya mananalo. If he can’t be able to assess even that situation, pano siya magsusurvive sa posisyon nya? Baka after 100 days wala na siya. Sana nag senator nalang siya. Akala kasi ng mga tao porket matalino na at good platforms yun na. Case and point Marcos, matalino, maganda ang mga plano. Pero wala sa platform niya na 1) papatay siya ng mga tao 2) Meron siyang Imelda na sobrang sakim at sobrang power hungry. Ang kandidato hindi lang pinipili base sa platform at talino, dapat tignan niyo rin yung long term.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      What? Oh sorry, I was confused by your first paragraph — I thought you were talking about Noynoy.

      You say IDEALISM should be guided by REALITY and you also talk about what is FEASIBLE for the country. I agree! Here’s my take on that with examples:
      Idealism – the son of 2 heroes, symbols of democracy will lead us out of the situation we are in
      Reality – other than his lineage, the son has nothing to show in his professional and/or personal track record that he can actually do that
      Feasible – it is feasible for our country to choose a competent, qualified leader with concrete achievements, a specific platform and a personality that can unite the factions that are tearing our country apart

      I really think it’s sad that you’re are choosing someone that you don’t like at all.

    • ihatepoliticians Says:

      @kabukidoll: choosing nonoy just because he maybe a lesser evil than the rest still makes him EVIL… right? I’d rather VOID the president block in my ballot (by marking all bilog na hugis itlog) so that no vote shall be counted for anyone of them. Rather than just “choosing the lesser evil” which is a numskull’s excuse for being stupid. Choosing nonoy because he is a lesser evil is like playing the LOTTO. you just vote for him just to guess whether he’d do right as president or not! At least i would have the decency of wasting my vote by voiding it (which is my own right)… but then again, your choice for president is still your right, yet in my opinion, your reason for voting him is purely ridiculous.

  27. kabukidoll Says:

    BUT NOT NOYNOY, this guy was just SMOKING his 2nd pack of Cigarette late afternoon when he was tap on his shoulder by these OPORTUNISTAS and ask him to RAN FOR PRESIDENT. (HUH!? OO nga ‘no? sige.. tatakbo ‘kong PRESIDENTE!!!)–> HINDI BA ITO DIN ANG GINAWA KAY GIBO? I’M SURE HINDI NIYA NAISIP SUMALI BY HIMSELF. And unnecessary reference to smoking. Doesn’t make any difference kung nagyoyosi siya or not. Mababaw yun.

    How old is this NOYNOY? He don’t even have his OWN Family. Ano ba yan? TROPA-TROPA lang?–> That’s discrimination too. Who says you have to have your own family to become a president? Bakit magiging tropa tropa lang if wala siyang pamilya? It doesn’t make sense. Faulty logic.

    • reader Says:

      villar – for sure babawiin niya lahat ng ginastos niya sa campanya niya, so good luck “mahihirap”

      gibo – couldn’t make a straight answer if asked about arroyo, puppy kase… samantalang obvious naman na nilalaglag na siya ng amo niya….

      noynoy – yeah sure ginagamit ang parents niya, and her sister… and to kabukidoll, funny that pati ung pag aasawa niya pinakeke elaman mo… wala ka bang kilalang tumandang dalaga/binata?

      ending — to each his own… opinion lang naman ni “Why I choose G1Bo” ang sinasabi niya e… kung matapang yan e di nagpakilala na yan 😀

    • Get your facts right Says:

      No, Gibo didn’t decide to run after a bunch of opportunistic incumbent legislators (and if you do your research, i am sure you would be able to identify who these are), or anyone for that matter, tapped him on the shoulder one random afternoon. Those who have known him from way back (from his 1st term as a Congressman) can attest to his ardent desire to make changes in this country (hence you have the concrete plans he has been clearly laying out before everyone from the very beginning). He is his own man. Always has been, always will be.

      Only say you’re sure when you really are sure. Don’t make comments based simply on what you hear other people say. Or if you do, back them up with the proper basis. It is always dangerous to simply surmise. The likes of you who fight this crucial out on a very shallow level are not helping shape the minds of this country’s voters properly. Really, while it is your right to participate in this political discourse, you owe it to your countrymen to do it on a sound and substantive level.

      (Note: thank you, author of “Why I choose Gibo”. We need more of this kind of discussion, especially at such a crucial time. Congratulations for a well-written piece.)

  28. kabukidoll Says:

    Sick and tired of people saying Noynoy was manipulated by these old geezers around him when even Gibo was too. What with the whole Lakas party supporting him then suddenly leaving him? My bet here is Gloria put him there to half the votes of Noynoy making way for a Villar regime. (Makes sense, why would someone like GMA bet on a losing candidate like Gibo?) I suggest you guys think carefully about your vote. Your vote should not just be based on who is the best qualified, but someone who is tough enough not to be eaten by the system and be a lost voice. What we need right now is not qualifications. If so, then there are tons of smart people in the Philippines who have the same ideas as Gibo. As president he needs to be tough to survive in the political arena, which I do not believe Gibo is. I am for the Noynoy-Binay tandem. At least hindi sila magaaway unlike pag si Mar Roxas ang nanalo.


    Weird how most UP Economics professors will be voting for ERAP. And actually you guys need to think about this: Erap isn’t as dumb as you think. In fact, a Political Science professor of mine who used to brief Erap re economic and political agenda says ERAP is one smart person, it is a myth he’s dumb tomato. In fact, it’s just a fabrication of his critics to portray that he is dumb, so his advisers decided to use this to their advantage to appeal to the masses. And natanggal si Erap dahil may konsesnya siya (in terms of eliminating his enemies) unlike GMA. I’m 100% sure na pag si Gibo ang nanalo, magpapabully nanaman siya sa mga ibang pulitiko dyan.

  29. jewel Says:

    permission to share this article ma’am! this has enlightened me!

  30. neil Says:

    very well said!!! to the one who wrote this u are almost there and almost convinced to vote for Gibo…lets see!!

  31. nikato Says:

    “I actually feel sorry for him. I’m sure he knows he is not fit to be president. They talk about Gibo being a puppet of GMA, but really, it’s Noynoy that is the puppet of the power hungry elements who want to be back in the driver’s seat.”

    very well said and thanks for this read

    GO G1BO!!!

  32. ihatepoliticians Says:

    A very interesting article. Although what it lacks is the “cons” of Gibo. I know you are supporting him but, lets all be face reality… he’s still a politician and when you start in philippine politics, you won’t have a choice but to cut corners here and there to make things work. The truth is, our country doesnt need a democracy, because almost 80 percent of the voting population is too naive or blinded by the media circus. Whoever we put in the presidents office will still be protested upon and will have their share of scandals. Yes i am pessimistic about the future of our country, but the way i see it, its always about change.. but nothing really changes after the elections. I guess we all have to start the change in ourselves. Get rid of the idea and hope that some new president will come along and change everything in an instant. THAT WONT HAPPEN IN OUR LIFETIME. Stop dreaming. Start working. Stop campaigning for those people.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      There is no mention about things changing in an instant, I doubt if anyone, except the very naive, believes that. Surely we can work and campaign for our bets at the same time. I’d like to feel hopeful rather than hopeless.

      • lhena Says:

        I believe Gibo believes in LONG-TERM plans—one thing that most of the candidates didn’t even think about when answering issues 🙂

    • bobbinglemons Says:

      Have to agree with this one! Although, we shouldn’t be so pessimistic, it’s also bad to look at our country through rose colored glasses. It blinds us from seeing the reality.

    • roronoa_zoro Says:

      you got your point there, but philippines is a nation, a leader is a very great factor for development. i agree we start with our own selves, and i believe that choosing the right candidate and voting is a practical example of changing our own selves. The president and the upcoming elected president (whoever wins, i hope GIBO will) can’t work things out without us; we should cooperate too, that’s part of being nationalistic. that is if you really love your country.. and yes, philippines won’t change in an instant, did america or japan change like the speed of light? NO!, it needs time.

      • whyiamchoosing Says:

        I don’t think ihatepoliticians is saying that “philippines won’t change in an instant, did america or japan change like the speed of light? NO!, it needs time.” means that he’s not being nationalistic. Recognizing how awful it is and acknowledging its situation is not unpatriotic at all. He’s just saying that we don’t have to pin all our hopes in THIS election. Stop dreaming and start working, enough with being inspirational for the sake of being inspirational.

        Have to agree with him too that to make your blog more credible, present the cons of your candidate too. After all you should be VERY CRITICAL of the person you pick, you’re giving him your vote on this election!

      • roronoa_zoro Says:

        my bad, but that was my interpretation of this line ‘Get rid of the idea and hope that some new president will come along and change everything in an instant. THAT WONT HAPPEN IN OUR LIFETIME. Stop dreaming. Start working. Stop campaigning for those people’. gomennasai.

        about that being unpatriotic, what i mean there was if we don’t play our role as citizens of the philippines (‘we should cooperate too.’) , im not saying ihatepoliticians doesn’t love the country…. the fact that he/she was reading this article means shes aware of today’s situation. anyway sorry about the misunderstanding…

        we cool now?

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks so much for this awesome article Ma’am!!!! It has helped convert an “undecided” person and someone who previously thought that voting for Gibo would be a “waste”. 😀

  34. Taptapper Says:

    I had goosebumps when I read your article.I will definitely vote for Gibo.mga bicolanos let’s cast our votes for mr.gibo teodoro.^_~

  35. vroutuz007 Says:

    eh kasi naman eh kandidato mo si gibo kaya puro favor sa kanya yung article mo bkit hndi mo rin i try gawan din ng article yung mga kabulukan din nya…. kahit anong gawin pa ng mga filipino kahit sino pa ang mahalal sa pinaka mataas na pwesto corrupt na lahat yan…. ang isang mabuting pinuno hindi maghahangad na ma pwesto hindi gagastos ng million… I HATE POLITICS!!!

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Bakit ko naman gagawin yun? Kaya nga “Why I Choose Gibo” yung title e. Peace!

      • vroutuz007 Says:

        oh sige yan ang paniniwala mo eh…. close siguro kayo… hehehe. kahit yan pa ang manalo 100% corrupt din yan…

      • roronoa_zoro Says:

        so whose the one who is not corrupt?

      • roronoa_zoro Says:

        to: vroutuz007
        Let’s take it a fact that all the candidates have their own incentives why they run; to take money has to be one. but both candidates noynoy ang gibo, if you think it logically, have less reason and motivation for corruption (applies to gordon too), so i will choose for the one who has the qualities of being a leader since were talking of ‘President’ as the position here. I choose for Gibo (Gordon is my second choice) because of his capability to pilot the Philippines for globalization and amendments to her flaws so she will flourish.

    • roronoa_zoro Says:

      Volunteers raised funds for GIbo’s campaign, Gibo did not use a lot money for his campain

  36. mandayan Says:

    @kabukidoll….> uhmmm you think Noynoy wont get eaten by the system? I think he will be with the kind of people behind him.. i think G1bo has more backbone and intelligence. Noynoy will be used by the same people who helped him win… kamag-anak inc. Scary to think if what i said will come true…

  37. hannahkphi Says:

    my vote has always been with Gibo, and i was always having second thoughts whether noy2 was good enough to run, but after reading your article, it makes me completely turn my back on him…Thank You!i think i needed it!

  38. GT TAC Says:

    I’ll have this printed and hand it to my father so that he may be enlightened thanks ma’am your piece might work in him..hehehehe

  39. cynicvoter Says:

    Thank you for this article. It helped me to appreciate the importance of my vote 🙂

  40. stillAmforGORDON Says:

    Nice Article. Mostly objective.

    “Feasible – it is feasible for our country to choose a competent, qualified leader with concrete achievements, a specific platform and a personality that can unite the factions that are tearing our country apart”

    These are also qualities of Sen. Gordon.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Except the personality part.

      • stillAmforGORDON Says:

        Aren’t you going to include an article or video here or something?

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        No need. Just watch him on the news =)

      • whyiamchoosing Says:

        Masyadong meek si Gibo para maging president. His personality is strong enough so although he wants to impose change mahihirapan siya.

        I really don’t get overzealousness. Why the intolerance? Remember you should also critique YOUR candidate of choice, don’t deny his flaws. I am voting for Gibo because of his concrete platform but I don’t deny the fact that I think his personality is his flaw. Let’s not be intolerant of other’s comments, however negative or different they are from ours.

      • whyiamchoosing Says:

        Correction NOT STRONG ENOUGH.

        Relax. This should be a healthy discussion. I don’t think there is a need to be intolerant of other people’s choice. Im for Gibo, but whatever the Gordon/Noynoy supporters see in their candidates, I respect.

  41. kayGordonBayaniako Says:

    Well written article Maám. Great comments also. I admire the rare breeds of Pinoys who think and act by way of expressing their thoughts.

    Except for the rest, I think that majority of voters are torn between two pairs of presidentiables; Noy/Villar and Gibo/Gordon. The first will be voted by the uninformed and the latter by the thinkers.

    But I am voting for Gordon. He has a better executive performance and impressive track record. I imagine Gibo as just an apprentice yet on this league of great leaders.

    I know an example is necessary, so here’s one. Luzon was struck by a number of vicious typhoons while Gibo was chairman of the National Disaster Coordinating Council. I heard a lot of dismay on how his team acted so poorly in helping out the victims. He was not prepared and the word coordination was also sacked by the storm. Gordon was there, prepared and in-charged. The spirits of the volunteers he led were burning with passion. They were almost everywhere, helping out the victims. An effort for a job that is for Gordon just an extracurricular. Nature gave Gibo a chance to test his leadership skills but he failed. The hurricanes in Malacanang are more vicious and sleazy, I’m worried he will surely drown.

    I hope Gordon wins. And as for Gibo, I am sure he will still serve the country with the true interest of the people in mind while following the steps of a great leader Richard Gordon.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Thank you for reading my article.
      Extraordinary calamities like Ondoy are next to impossible to handle in a manner that will please everyone. The damage and destruction happened so fast, over several areas and there were many obstacles to deal with. Gibo did not fail, and as a credit to him, he accepted all the criticism with grace, and did not resort to putting the blame on anyone else. Gordon worked through the Philippine National Red Cross which is backed up by it’s parent organization the International Red Cross which as more resources than the NDCC (sad but true). Gordon’s personality is such that he likes to swoop down on disaster areas with his team in a very grand and showy manner. He doesn’t necessarily coordinate with the other agencies lest they get the credit. Subtlety is not in his vocabulary. He was even warned by the International Committee of the Red Cross not to use the Red Cross in politics.
      I maintain that Gordon has the credentials, but not the PERSONALITY to be a good leader. He’s abrasive, pikon, dictates and likes to talk down to people. He surrounds himself with “yes men” because his ego can’t take any opposition.

      • kayGordonBayaniako Says:

        “Gordon’s personality is such that he likes to swoop down on disaster areas with his team in a very grand and showy manner.”

        If swooping down the affected areas to save as many people as possible meant to you as grand and showy manner; what else, in times of disaster, must he do to deserve our gratitude? Cover his mouth and refrain from shouting when he instruct his volunteers?

        Again, it’s a good article you wrote, brewed from lots of thinking. However, I sensed a danger from this article because a lot of people are blinded by the arguments presented which claims to be a result of critical thinking. If your disgust over Gordon is about his personality issues, then it is possible that you yourself cannot handle personality issues. This is an ego problem on the writer’s side. And it poses a danger, because it is lurking behind the nicely-written arguments. As it would appear, this article is not of pure critical thinking but tainted with spoiled emotions.

        If you can lead the people to prosperity, they will follow you, and so would I. And you can shout at me if necessary. Surely we won’t get mad to our fathers who shout at us sometimes just to direct our ways in the right path.

        We are in desperate times and desperate people. Let’s not blind the people of the opportunity to choose the best performing leader just because of a few people murmuring over a hard-working leader who raises his voice when in command or likes to talk to people straight to get the job done.

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        Nowhere in the piece do I claim to have come to this choice through critical thinking. From the title onwards, I already say who my choice is — I am not masquerading as someone unbiased. It isn’t my fault if I have connected positively with some people through this post. You can do the same — write about your candidate and share with those you hope will choose him. It’s a free country after all.

      • kayGordonBayaniako Says:

        “Nowhere in the piece do I claim to have come to this choice through critical thinking.”
        My Apologies…

        I am sorry to quickly assume that you have given it a long thought and critical thinking before choosing your candidate and writing this article. I am just surprised you didn’t choose Noynoy or Villar. Or maybe it’s Gibo’s face you hit when you threw the dart.

        I wonder if the people who connected positively with this post are also thinking people.

        If you noticed and given it a quick thought, I just wrote about my candidate and sharing with those I hope will choose him.

        Trying to shoo people away into writing their own blog, away from this post just because the shit is hitting the fan is characteristic of an egotist.

        You don’t like Gordon because of his ego but here you are just showing it in plain sight and over an article written with no brain cells spent.

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        To say that I never “claimed” to have come to my choice through critical thinking doesn’t mean that I didn’t. It simply means I didn’t implicitly state in the article that this was a result of critical thinking. It was a direct reply to your statement: “I sensed a danger from this article because a lot of people are blinded by the arguments presented which claims to be a result of critical thinking.” Gets mo?
        Siguro naman some of my brain cells worked — how else would I have moved my fingers to type?
        As for my ego, who cares? I’m not running for President.
        By the way, are you always this cheerful?

    • whyiamchoosing Says:

      Well said. You know we need more people like you. We need writers who can present both sides of the coin on his candidate. What he can do and his waterloo. The problem nowadays everyone is trying to question each other and is intolerant of other’s choices just because they see something in a candidate they believe in. To the author, I suggest that in your comments you respect them by not making unnecessary retorts such as “O 3 entries na yan, start or own blog na kaya?” or “By the way, are you always this cheerful?” because it’s really immature, emotional and not needed. Be objective in your arguments.

      Alam ko madaling macarried away when you truly have faith in someone. I really want Gibo to win, and I believe he will do a good job. But I do not want to discredit the good in other candidates too.

  42. salbahis Says:

    so i was right…. gibo is the way to go, i always admire his platform, i heard his speech the other day here in lapulapu city, the best speech from all presidentiables that i heard so far…

  43. roronoa_zoro Says:

    nice job! Good Luck to GIBO!

    he is really the best bet for the Philippines to become globally competent!

  44. Tony Avellanosa Says:

    Very informative and well said. I have chosen to vote for Gibo with my family long before the surveys came out. I agree that he is the most qualified and definitely has a clear goal and a plan to get there. He is also a realistic person that do not promise any overnight miracle for our country

  45. bubbleburster Says:

    I agree with you. Noynoy has nothing to show for except his lineage/parentage. Alright, his father died for the country an his mother became president. So what? This is not about them. This is about whether or not Noynoy can lead a country for six years. I must apologize for my quick judgment on Noynoy, but I honestly think that he can’t for the simple reason that he has not shown/done anything substantial as a representative or senator. It also bothers me that even his decision to run for the presidency is not his..it was dictated on him by his parents’ supporters which only shows who will really run the office if Noynoy gets elected.

    As to Manny Villar, his ads are awful, full of bs and lack credibility. Imagine claiming that he was once a squatter…yeah right. He could have been more credible if he just said that he came from a modest family, with a gov’t employed father and a vendor mother. What’s wrong with that? At least that would be the truth. As to his promise to end poverty if elected…totally doubtful. I also hate what he did to his mother, imagine presenting an old and frail lady to the media to defend him..how low can you get? Finally, Loren as running mate? I haven’t seen anyone as plastic as she is…

    Bro. Eddie? saw him washing the feet of poor people…wants to show that he’s like Jesus Christ…a bad choice. Please, do not use the Lord to get votes.

    Erap? Really? Making him run is already stupid! If he wins, then we are really STUPID!

    Gordon? Well, the guy had his Subic moments. But I think he is quite egocentric, imagine suing survey companies. How childish can you get!

    Gibo, well the guy is well educated, does not promise unachievable things if elected, and showed a lot of will and poise during his short stint as DND chief. His ad seems to be realistic than those of the other candidates. The only flaw in his campaign is his choice of running mate. Then again, I won’t be voting for his running mate.

    As to the other candidates…I have no comment.

    All said, I must say that Gibo is definitely my choice.

  46. rolandotorresjr Says:

    By the way you wrote your article and how you presented your comments on other candidates, you have failed to follow what Gibo has been successfully and honorably doing in these elections, that is, not resorting to mudslinging. I think Gibo failed in you.

    Good luck to you and your candidate Gibo.

    Sorry, I am still voting for Noynoy.

  47. Echo Says:

    to be honest
    My first vote is Noynoy for the same reason why majority was first voting him but after the debate it was clear that G1BO is the right answer. His messages are clear and direct.
    I think other politicians have blurry plans because of their connections in business, you see, someones plan is anothers problem, to make everyone happy, partial answers have to be made. And that’s why some platforms are not clear.
    We Filipinos are very proud… I hope we have a president we can be proud of. This isn’t a game show we can turn off people. The president is the LEADER of this country, vote a president who has the balls to do it. GO GALING AT TALINO, GO G1BO

  48. Joshua Paolo Says:

    Would like to share this text message i was very glad to receive…

    Ten reasons why I vote for Gibo Teodoro:

    1. He is the only candidate who practices positive campaigning and does not engage in mudslinging;
    2. He is the only candidate who speaks of reconciliation and unity;
    3. He is the only candidate who does not offer promises of paradise but realistic solutions;
    4. He is the only candidate with a clear platform of government and region specific plans and strategies;
    5. He is the only candidate who does not appeal to emotions just to gain votes;
    6. He is one of the few candidates not tainted with corruption or any scandal;
    7. He is one of the few candidates with the best qualifications for the job;
    8. He is the only candidate with the most knowledge and awareness of region specific problems;
    9. He is the only candidate who possesses all three attributes a good president must have – integrity, competence, and character;
    10. He is the only candidate with the political will to make his platform of government a reality.

    Kay G1BO ako. kay G1BO na tayo…

  49. Juliane Says:

    Thank you for this article.
    Very much appreciated.

  50. G1BOwinorlose Says:

    im really happy to read all the positive comments for GIBO. i don’t really involve myself in politics before because I thought they were all stupid and greedy but after hearing GIBO, i actually realized that there s still a leader who knows what he is doing. I am also campaigning for GIBO in my own little way because i really believe in him and i am positive that this article can also help us in changing the minds of those voters who don’t think and don’t know how important choosing a president is.

  51. anthony Says:

    let me just comment on a few things you said:

    1. Basically, I think he’ll just piss a lot of people off. Sorry, but I want to actually like the person I’m voting for.

    You are supposed to make a logical proof why Gibo is better than Gordon, and this is all you can come up with? And i mean the whole paragraph before this sentence? You want to LIKE the person you want to vote for, but you created this blog in order to open the minds of others through logic right? it’s an ad hominem argument. you might have well said that he’s too fat.

    In his Bandila interview, he mentions that all this mudslinging towards him, especially towards his apparent “hot-tempered” nature, isn’t really the issue here. The issue here is because of his fiery nature, he was able to turn things around in Subic and Olongapo. Mainis tayo kung mainit na ulo, wala pang nagawa.

    Kapakanan ng bansa natin ang nakasalalay dito, pero pinepersonal natin. Awww.

    2. Simply put, Gordon doesn’t have the machinery needed to win the presidency.

    How do you know this?

    To think that a few paragraphs before, you made this argument about winnability. I know it was made in the context of the surveys, but come on, it is as if you’re saying you’re not voting for him because a. you don’t like him,and b. because he doesn’t have the machinery, ergo he’s a losing candidate.

    to me those are rather weak arguments. i can’t blame you. Mahirap hanapan ng butas si Gordon on why you shouldn’t vote for him kaya ang arguments lagi against him, kesyo he is hot-tempered or mayabang or kesyo walang machinery. Yun lang ba? Gordon has proven himself not only through SUbic and Olongapo, but you have to remember he is a volunteer sa red cross. Walang bayad. How many candidates can you say they did volunteer job? FOR 40 YEARS?

    Having said all this, I won’t mind too much if Gibo wins. He is a far second choice to me. To me the only logical choice is Gordon. Gibo is okay but he did bungle up the job as defense when he can’t do shit sa ondoy.

    In the end, I believe Gibo will be ready as president in 2016. Not now. Not ready.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      1. I do not discredit any of Gordon’s achievements. But I mention the concept of being “likeable” because I believe that it’s a key factor in getting people to work together. I’ve personally seen him berate hard working people, who were experts in their field, and not even give them a chance to speak. As a result, people become hesitant to work with him. I just don’t think it’s a very positive way to go about things.

      2. Machinery was cited because Gordon’s party was only established for the elections and has few or no local candidates. As you know, a person can only be in one place at a time, and without the vast local network that LP, Lakas or NP/NPC have, it would be very difficult for him to reach all the areas he needs to connect with.

      I wouldn’t mind if Gordon won either — he’s second on my list.

      • whyiamchoosing Says:

        ’ve personally seen him berate hard working people, who were experts in their field, and not even give them a chance to speak. As a result, people become hesitant to work with him. I just don’t think it’s a very positive way to go about things.–> Can you give us specific anecdotes?

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        No, not without getting people into trouble. If I’m vague, then the anecdote is useless and generic. If I’m specific, then people who were in the situation will be easy to identify. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

      • whyiamchoosing Says:

        You don’t have to specify people. Parang yung comment lang kanina eh, give substantial reference. You don’t have to name names. Para lang walang credibility pag galing sayo since you’re biased to Gibo

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        I knew you’d say that.

  52. penny Says:

    i love this article! it’s perfectly written and it puts on paper every argument and discussion i’ve ever had with family and friends. GREAT JOB!!! G1bo is the man for the job. i will repost this!

  53. iwillvote Says:

    I’ve also never been one to care for politics. The past 2 presidential elections were so uninspiring. And the relentless people power movements that came after the very first are so frustrating! Politics’ so dirty and you can never believe a word they’re saying. But one day, I just started watching everything on the elections, reading everything… it consumed me for the next 3 days. Something about him made me want to know more. Made me check out every candidate. Gibo made me care again. I am hopeful. If a candidate makes me feel this way, then he deserves my vote!

    • roronoa_zoro Says:

      true. his aura is different and his words are very inspiring. Go gibo!

  54. Pinaycolada Says:

    I wonder why Gibo wasn’t for a parallel manual vote count. That actually brings a lot of doubt, especially since he is STILL running for the administration. Also, HAVING the machinery maybe advantageous, but it is also downright scary. Makes me think that even if the AFP and the PNP have made assurances that they will remain neutral, fact is Gibo was still a former DND Secretary and he has all the connections available to him. I admit that being so far away from Pinas (I’m in the US) my sources are limited and may, to some extent, be unreliable or biased, but since your blog’s objective is to enlighten and educate, then by all means try to address this disturbing issue.

  55. Pinaycolada Says:

    And also, on the topic of digging up dirt on other candidates. I think the reason why Gibo comes off as “busilak” is simply because he’s still a bagito and people don’t really know that much about him except that he’s Ivy League-educated. There’s so much dirt on Erap, Villar and perhaps, even Gordon because well, they’ve been in politics long enough. Noynoy is being crucified because his parents have been in politics long enough to boost his rep. Gibo can’t be that busilak because a) he worked for GMA b) despite having a fallout with his partymates, he is STILL the standard bearer for Lakas c) he also has his share of influential kamaganaks i.e. Danding who’s rep is anything but pristine. He may have charisma, he may be Harvard educated, but is he really trustworthy?

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Gibo is not really a bagito because he has been in government since 1998 (congressman from 1998-2007 and DND Sec since 2007). So far, he has not had any issues of corruption attached to his stint as congressman or DND secretary. I think it’s unfair to say that if you worked for GMA your morals are questionable. There are many hard working, honest government officials.

  56. prudence Says:

    sana kumalat din ito sa mga masa at intindihin nila, ang alam lang kasi nila ay ABS-CBN. nagpapaloko sila, hay, how sad. very nice article btw. i also shared it with all my friends in fb. im sure it’ll help those who are still undecided.

  57. Another Chance for The Filipinos Says:

    A very Nice article. I believe GIBO indeed has his plans for the country with the way he answered questions and the way he delivered his platform.

    I also believed that in a couple of interviews and debates, he has answered the question regarding GMA. I think his answer is valid when he said that he would let the wheels of justice roll and not try to stop anyone from filing a case against her so that they will not say he is protecting her. But, he also said that he should not initiate any case against her because people will say that he is staging a fake investigation. Anyway, more than 60% of the Filipino people wants her to pay for all her wrong doings, so why not let them file the case.

    Noynoy would have been my second choice, only because I’m hoping that his clean record and the nationalism of his parents are in his blood as compared to the obvious trapo-acts and Thaksin-like corrupt practices of MV. Aside from the mentioned clean record, there’s no other positive-presidentiable trait in Noynoy. Unfortunately, there are a few days left before election and he hasn’t provided concrete platform except for a motherhood statement: “I will not steal” and “I will ran after GMA” but what about the nation?

    And for MV- nevermind. The country is buried deep in debt already. Let’s give our children a better future. Not him please.

    I’m still positive that one day, Philippines will be back as one of Asia’s developed countries if not the world’s. Maybe not in my lifetime, but I hope in my child’s. I am Filipino-Chinese and I am a proud Filipino.

  58. Pinoy Ideas Says:

    I won’t vote for GIBO. He’s a puppet of GMA.

  59. OFW from KSA Says:

    Napakalinaw at very well said… I will go for Gibo if Manny VILLAR is not running. Siya lang kasi ang may pagmamalasakit sa mga OFW of all the others. Kahit sabihin natin ginawa niya ito dahil he is running for president, alam ba niyo gaano kasaya ang mga natulungan niya. Ang problema kasi sa atin ay doon tayo lagi sa sikat kahit wala naman itong nagawa. When cory was president, puppet siya at alam natin lahat yon. Si Nonoy, di pa naging president, uto-uto ng Partido(sina drilon, roxas.. marami sila). Manny is a Peace-Loving person… bakit di nila isampa sa korte ang bintang nila at sa media nila ito pinapalabas.. I am sorry, I will go for GIBO if VILLAR is not running.

  60. Pinaycolada Says:

    So what has Gibo done for the past 12 years? It seems that “underwhelming” has become the label of choice for Noynoy, but what about Gibo? I only started hearing about him when he became DND Secretary.

    Honest gov’t officials working for GMA? Now who’s being naive and idealistic? If the likes of Miriam Santiago (who’s not a very fond of GMA) can be invited to partake of a $20,000 Le Cirque dinner, I can just imagine how much more lavishly she treats her “chosen ones” (aka appointees)

    I’m sure you’ve heard about conspiracy theories and manipulations. And GMA is notorious for them. Should we just think that the defection of Lakas members to NP and LP is fate? a natural occurence? Or should we be more critical and think — what’s the catch? Misdirection? Everything she does is calculated. So if it means having two presidentiable puppets then so be it. Villar for popularity, Gibo for galing and talino. It’s like buying two bingo cards — you get more chances of winning with two, instead of just one card.

    But for purposes of this discussion, maybe I’ll give Gibo the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he is honest, has integrity, a solid platform — fine. But he does lack the charisma. He may have the bearing of a president, as most would say, but his lack of conviction to totally disassociate himself from GMA is still questionable.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      A quick search on the ‘net will reveal the ff:

      *BS Commerce, Major in Financial Institutions, DLSU
      *Law – UP, graduated 3rd in his class, No. 1 in the bar exams
      *Master of Law – Harvard; passed the New York Bar Exams
      *associate in the Estelito Mendoza Law Office
      – Legislative –
      * Congressman for 9 years
      * DND Secretary – more than 2 years
      * 500+ bills filed, 6 passed into law.
      * DND Sec: reorganized AFP to curb corruption by introducing civilians into the military hierarchy to handle non-military positions (esp. finance) and eliminated 70% of the corruption in the AFP.
      * Lobbied for the increase of the pay of soldiers and increased the size of the armed forces.
      * Maj. Gen. Garcia was prosecuted and convicted by the Military Court during his term.

      Thank you for taking the time read my article and comment. I can’t blame you for being cynical, most people these days are.

      Here’s another article you might wish to view: http://celdrantours.blogspot.com/2010/04/why-i-will-vote-for-gilbert-teodoro.html

  61. Pinaycolada Says:

    On the issue of a parallel manual count — I don’t see why Gibo has so much confidence on the automated polls, given that there has been a lot of anomalies with Smartmatic from the very beginning. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100422-265755/Up-to-6-million-votes-could-be-stolen-says-party-list-solon

    Wrong ink used on the ballots? C’mon! Now they’re disabling the voter verification mechanism and the digital signature requirement in transmitting votes for canvassing? And Gibo thinks that that is not a manipulation? All his years in politics (as you’ve said) and a flashy Ivy League education, and he is just about as naive as you with your “there are still honest gov’t officials working for GMA” credo. Gibo believes in the system, because the system WILL WORK FOR HIM. Why? At this point that would be stating the obvious…

    You choose Gibo because he’s cool as a cucumber, doesn’t do mudslinging, is a smartass — EVEN HONEST — that’s fine with me. But choosing him because he has integrity? Highly questionable. The argument that Noynoy will only become a puppet once he’s elected applies even to Gibo. Nangangampanya pa lang si Gibo, kitang-kita na na wala syang balls. What more when he becomes president?

    At least I know fer sher that Noynoy won’t be GMA’s puppet. That’s good enough for me. 🙂

    Maybe when the system has been rebooted and totally disengaged from GMA, and Gibo still packs a punch with his smooth talk and Harvard education, I might consider him for 2016. But now’s not his time.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      I don’t agree that Gibo has no balls…
      It takes balls to run under an unpopular president
      It takes balls to defy your billionaire uncle who would have assured you of limitless campaign funds
      It takes balls to turn the other cheek while other candidates are hitting you left and right

      Since we’re at it,
      Gordon has balls because he is unapologetic about his temperament
      Villar has balls because he is spending his own money for his campaign

      Does Noynoy have balls? If he did, he would:
      Take a psych test to prove his mental stability
      Answer the Hacienda Luisita question with finality
      Tell us who is backing his campaign
      Control Sen. Chiz Escudero – his close friend who is working on Noynoy’s campaign yet openly campaigning for the Noynoy-Binay tandem. He should protect his running mate Mar Roxas, who after all, put aside his own presidential bid so that Noynoy could run.

      You’ve already made your choice, and it’s one made from fear/hatred of GMA — that’s certainly your right. Peace!

      • GIBOwinorlose Says:

        very well said.. let’s see who has balls now. the mere fact that he is the ONLY candidate who won’t go for physocological test is a proof that he’s got no balls. just because GIBO is associated with GMA doesn’t mean that HE is GMA. and just because he is running under the administration doesnt mean we will have to vote for the less incompetent candidate. i still believe in GIBO’s integrity and he has actually increased his popularity on his own- galing at talino. unlike noynoy who has been using his parents names.. yeah maybe hindi sya magnanakaw dahil WLA rin naman syang gagawin. matutulog lang sya sa senado and there are pictures circulating that he is just sleeping there.. for the past 12 years in his political career, wla naman syang nagawa. he can’t even explain where his pork barrel went. and u want that to be ur president?

    • HindiLahatCorrupt Says:

      Nakakainsulto naman yung sinabi niyo. My father is a government official, kahit kelan hindi siya naging corrupt. Hindi lahat ng government officials corrupt! Wag po kayong mag generalize.

    • whyiamchoosing Says:

      Have to agree with you that Gibo is a bit naive.. and as I have been saying althroughout this thread, he’s not ready to be president just yet. I’ll vote for him if he runs in 2016..but not now.

  62. van Says:

    My dear fellow Filipinos,

    It is obvious I am not alone when I say our country is such a bad shape that so many hopes, dreams, wants and needs are pinned to whoever will take over the presidency come May 2010. Like the starter of this blog, I am an ordinary middle-class entrepreneur from Metro Manila. I am passionate about governance/politics, to the point that it is, unavoidably, a conversation staple for me– an etiquette no-no along with talking about religion and asking someone’s age, but with the degree of mess our government is so overwhelming, its stink forces its way up our noses to our brains, we do what we can to expel or assuage such an unpleasant feeling.

    Bottom line for all the candidates, none of them are perfect. None of them will single-handedly solve all the burdens our country has come to bear during their term, however, they can get the ball rolling in the right direction. Out of the eight candidates running, we can narrow it down to three “most considerables”. NA, Gibo, MV. Sayang si Gordon, but his temperament and awful personality is such a liability to his potential.

    Manny Villar– Personally, my esteem for this person is so low that he borders on offensive.Yes, good for him to have prospered to where he is now, but his shady business dealings which he refuses to address, his questionable campaign budget, c5 scandal, his trapo machinery… really, Willie Revillame and Dolphy to pander and manipulate the masses, and jeeez, his mother??! This guy is unbelievable.

    Equally unbelievable is GMA. So many atrocious human rights violations under her watch, our debt has ballooned to 3.54 TRILLION, our real budget has been shrinking due to dizzying cases of corruption and kickbacks. All under her watch and, let’s not be naive, and with her direct and indirect approval. Did the goddamn ZTE, fertilizer scams or C5 controversy (among many others) meet justice? These are cases that SIPHON billions from our puny budget, so puny it can barely support our public services such as education and health. No. Idly sitting by, twiddling their thumbs and giggling in a huddle are the f*cking sycophants in Congress and Senate with their brown bags, ass-licking Ombudsman who is effectively ineffective as far as GMA is concerned. She lied through her teeth when she said she’s not running for a new term (and what a surprise, she did), when the Garci expose came to light, capped with the “I’m sorry” telecast with the help of an acting coach (how many takes did she need again because she had a hard time conveying remorse?)…and the gall to lie during her SONA…. This Agra debacle that excuses 2 powerful Ampatuans who are rumored to have something on her (elections-related, remmeber the gigantic safe in their Maguindanao home the soldiers were desperately wanted to get into?)…. I could go on and on, but I am sure we all agree how revolting our current state of government/president is as reflected by her negative rating. So negative she’s faring worse than Marcos. We agree she is manipulative by how she has the Senate and Congress by the balls. And now, after the Presidency, GMA decides to run for Congress because, as her son said, service in her DNA.

    Please tell me you see through this.

    What for? Ask, what for? Ask why Mikey wanted to represent the partylist for security guards? Ask why there are so many dubious partylists, suspected to be fronted by GMA allies. Why is there a need to consolidate such a strong bloc that can rally behind GMA if she wins a congressional seat? Let’s not kid ourselves that post 2010, GMA will be out of our hair. This not paranoia, this is a reality check.

    Now, how does all this relate to Gibo?

    Gibo runs under the same party as GMA. In noble principle, if that was my party, when one suspected of such grievances as Arroyo, I would certainly re-evaluate how she fits and is aligned with my party and personal principles. But you can say, that is all politics, As if politicians in our country is guided by principles and ethics. They will cling to whatever helps them survive. Yes, I count Gibo as one of those who’d say that to himself, of course not out loud, just softly to himself, in that way, it allows him space to package himself as a promoter of change. Kumbaga, he wants a leash long enough to distance himself from GMA, but leashed nonetheless. In the aspiration to run for the presidency, he is willing to lie beside a disease-festered body (pardon the visuals, but that is quite what it is no?) as long as it can be instrumental to his ambitions.

    Yes, I agree he is smart. I’ve watched him in debates and interviews. Yes, he has this cooler vibe around him, fresh even, if I want to be most complimentary. It is not his intellect, his legislative record nor his lineage I am conflicted with, it is his principles. Granted, he may be sincere in wanting change (maybe maybe not, with all politicians, this is what they all say, no? it’s just a matter of who has the best PR machinery to make it the most believable) but from where he coming from, who’s helping him get to where he wants –he is like the pinky finger wanting to change what the thumb and the three other fingers have done, while all the same connected to the same hand. How effective is that? And yes, he is so determined to be pivotal in our country’s rejuvenation he picks…. Edu Manzano… for veep. No offense to the guy personally, but VP is a bit over his qualifications for now.Power tandem, indeed. Sometimes I feel bad for Gibo because I feel he’s being used, but, willingly or unwittingly, that makes a difference.

    Estrangement from his uncle? Says who? Have you been invited to one of their family socials to know this for certain, or do you get that info from the same source we all do– controlled press releases. Is it unbelievable that these info are what they want us to know? These are all smoke and mirrors, we’ll never know for sure. You underestimate manipulation. What IS certain, though, is that Gibo is identified with GMA and willingly so. Let us not delude ourselves to separate the two. Just take one step off the boat and you are off the GMA boat. The Hyatt10’s done it. Turncoats have done it, look at Nograles and Salceda, so easy for them to bolt out. It may/may not always be a principled move, but it can be done. In Gibo’s case, he hasn’t .. and he knows he’s identified with GMA and is willing to be so. In fact, he’s acknowledged it so many times that he is grateful to the hand that’s delivered him to where he is now. Then hastily adds his loyalty to his party ends where his duty to country begins…. Sir, it’s begun many years ago, the country has called out several times… and you are still with the party. To fulfill your ambition.

    When you want believe being president will be a pivotal time in our history and situation, you must not be hesitant to give justice to the past, fix the present and have vision for the future. For the campaign season, the last two are just words, ornate and seductive, showered upon us by ALL candidates… the true test is his performance after he wins. I don’t appreciate Gibo’s aw-shucks approach to the first and seeing we are presently still suffer this “GMA affliction” it is even offensive.

    Pretend you’re walking down a scary neighborhood, lost, you need to ask directions from someone… on one side of the street, there’s a gang of dirty, drug-addicted hoodlums hanging around, eyes leering at you. From that group, someone steps forward– he looks clean, he looks normal, he’s still laughing at something his friend said. After a quick high five , he approaches you with a warm smile. He offers to walk you to the nearest street you know. From the other side of the street, an ordinary looking passerby notices the commotion, sees you, crosses the street and approaches as well. He, too, offers, to walk you to the street you know. Which stranger do you take a chance with?

    I am not a connected person to gain anything by endorsing (or not) a specific candidate. I hope I am right to give the starter of this blog the benefit of the doubt that maybe (s)he is a not a PR stunt for Gibo, but a sincere voice looking for hope. I am, too. I think with the shape our country is in, many are awoken to be more interested in passionate about politics. (S)he didn’t really dwell into the flaws of Gibo, because as (s)he says, pro-Gibo nga ang blog. Fair enough. I just hope my reply gets posted, because if, after reading it, one doesn’t falter a bit in his belief in Gibo, then the man deserves that vote.

    To be clear, I am not yet even sure I am voting for Noynoy/Roxas (who I find trapoish), but this election’s turning out to be elimination of or sorts. Someone commented that voting for the lesser evil is dumb, I beg to disagree, i don’t see it that way… for now, it is a necessity to choose the one that offers least resistance to change.. and in fact would promote it. And that is what I look for in a candidate. Gibo, from where he currently stands, is not the man our country needs now.

    @Why I choose Gibo, please don’t sink to Villaresque level to even bring up the pysch test.

  63. Cris Says:

    Wow…!!! this is what we need to enlightened the mind of our voters… I wasn’t registered as voter because i don’t believe in the political system in our country… its crap…. i call it “DIRTY POLITICS”… candidates throwing mud at each other…. poor country. but at one point i was thinking the same…. if GIBO weren’t representing Gloria’s admiistration…. he has a sure chance of winning this election….

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Thank you for reading this. I hope you will decide to register for the next election. I understand your distaste for the political system in our country, it really is frustrating at times — but if you don’t participate, you can’t be part of the change.

  64. Pinaycolada Says:

    Bravo,van! You’ve practically enumerated my sentiments point by point. Your analogies are brilliant and objective, especially since you’ve voiced out your opinion with no bias.

    @Why I Choose Gibo – I initially admired your candor after reading your blog, but as this discussion progresses, that admiration continues to dwindle. First of all, your arguments have become irrational, emotional and therefore unconvincing. To think that you would stoop that low and actually believe that a psych test is necessary. First of all, those psych tests were fabricated — a clear sign that whoever instigated them is a mad, desperate, pathetic excuse of a human being. Second of all, a psych test is not mandated by law and is considered unconstitutional.

    Maybe they should’ve considered adding a psych test to the list of qualifications a long time ago — perhaps we wouldn’t have ended up with psycho presidents like Marcos, Erap or GMA.

    If there is anyone in need of a psych test, it’s THAT CANDIDATE who started the whole brouhaha in the first place. He obviously has no compassion for people like Noynoy who had to go through what he did when his dad was wrongly imprisoned and assassinated. Anyone who is human — even those who never experienced losing a parent in such a bloody, unjust manner–would know that such an experience can lead any person to an emotional breakdown.

    THAT CANDIDATE, on the other hand, is bordering on being a sociopath and a pathological liar. He has no shame, using his family, his poor mother — even his dead younger brother for pete’s sake! — to incite sympathy from the masses by claiming that he started out dirt poor.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      You mentioned 3 things:

      1. First you say the psych tests were fabricated – yet later on you say an experience such as Noynoy’s would lead anyone to an emotional breakdown. So did it happen or didn’t it?
      2. “…compassion for people like Noynoy who had to go through what he did when his dad was wrongly imprisoned and assassinated. Anyone who is human — even those who never experienced losing a parent in such a bloody, unjust manner…”
      3. “THAT CANDIDATE” has no shame because he’s using his mother and dead brother. Hmmm…let’s see, who else is using dead relatives in his campaign? Double standard much?

      Seems illogical and emotional too, don’t you think?
      The point of my writing this was to express my opinion, not to gain admiration. You can take your dwindling admiration and shove it as far as I’m concerned 🙂

    • LoyalKayGordon Says:

      Ahahahaha! I’m voting for Gordon, but I just have to say @pinaycolada if that’s not a crystal clear example of hypocrisy and double standard, I don’t know what is.
      Why I Choose Gibo for the win!!!

  65. benito arce tadlip Says:

    for me, gibo cya lang ang nakita kong makakatulong sa ating bansa.

  66. demill_vr Says:

    BRAVO! I would address my praise to VAN! 🙂

    GIBO is as clever as GMA who will trick us just like GMA did! VILLAR is a businessman who will never invest in something that he will never gain. NOYNOY is going to be like his parents. Whew! Hahaha!

    Seriously, let’s admit that none of the recent Presidential aspirants could stop corruptions! At this point in time, I vehemently believe that all candidates have their own personal interests. Partly we could say that they want to serve the country, yes, but for sure, they have also certain agendas veils behind. Who would invest money at the period of their candidacy without expecting to gain ample amount in return? –NONE! I remember a phrase from a friend, says: “When money talks, everybody listens!” Hope everyone could get my point.

    My only concern is: On the coming election, whoever your choice among the candidates, mark your calendars; be there and exercise your right to vote. Be a WISE voter! If we can’t eradicate corruptions, please choose those whom you believe could help it be minimized.

    @Why I choose GIBO: I have really enjoyed reading the post as well as the above comments. You deserve a reward from GIBO. 🙂

  67. Pinaycolada Says:

    Do you even bother reading the news? Or are you just suffering from selective bias and you just google the word “Gibo” and pick out any article that praises him?

    Fabricated psych tests – because the people who “supposedly” conducted them vehemently denied doing the psych tests in the first place. Noynoy admitted to being depressed when he was 19 because of what happened to his dad. Who wouldn’t be? And if you think that is being emotional — THEN MAYBE YOU’RE THE ONE WHO NEEDS A PSYCH TEST. 🙂

    Using dead relatives – Really? Is Ninoy and Cory comparable to a Danny and a Nanay Curing? Really? You have no appreciation of SACRIFICE. Every dead Dick, Tom and Harry to you is all the same.

    I never said that the point of your blog was to gain admiration. It was meant to be a compliment. And puh-leez, spare me yoru “I only did this to express my opinion BS.” You’re clearly full of yourself whenever someone gives you a pat on the back for writing your blog, but when people start disagreeing, you bare your teeth like a beyaaach. 🙂

    Which makes me think, perhaps Gordon should be your candidate. Maybe that’s why you hate him so much. Cause you are just as equally arrogant as he is. Bravo!

    • GIBOwinorlose Says:

      aren’t you the one being too emotional? and because you can’t defend your candidate anymore, you are now diverting the issue- even to the point of attacking the author personally.. what you’re saying is absurd! nonesense! i even admire the author for being cool and logical in answering each or your garbage opinion. maybe you can write your own blog for your candidate and let’s see if you can write anything aside from using his parents’ and perhaps his sisters’ names? the role of the president is very critical and we need someone who is -for the purpose of the psychological issue- a psychologically stable person

    • Yellow Mommy Says:

      Am still voting for Noy, I really believe he will be best for the country. Coryista kasi ako talaga! I know he has a platform, kailangan lang niyang i-communicate pa ng mas mabuti.
      The comments here are really interesting. I have to say though to Pinaycolada, we are voting for the same person but I don’t share your views. Sorry talaga pero how can you ‘compare’ the ‘importance’ of peoples’ deaths? Parang mali yata yun. I really wish Noy would take the psych test para lang matapos na ang usapan. Wala naman siyang kailangan itago.
      Lastly, you are already resorting to name calling. Kung magtatanong ka, wag kang magalit pag ayaw mo yung sagot. Gusto ko lang sabihin na hindi lahat ng maka Noynoy ay ganito.
      Sana pagkatapos ng eleksyon ay magtulong tulong tayong lahat.

    • whyiamchoosing Says:

      You’re clearly full of yourself whenever someone gives you a pat on the back for writing your blog, but when people start disagreeing, you bare your teeth like a beyaaach. –> HAHAHAHA! Mejo totoo. Hmmm, but I don’t see the need to call her a biatch.

  68. Pinaycolada Says:

    @LoyalKayGordon – And if your candidate is not a crystal-clear example of an imminent dictator and another Marcos-in-the-making, THEN I DON’T KNOW WHO ELSE IS. 🙂

    • LoyalKayGordon Says:

      @Pinaycolada – wala ka na ngang sense, pikon ka pa.

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        At least she’s trying to make me vote for your candidate. You gotta give her points for that. Hahaha!

      • GIBOwinorlose Says:

        pikon because she has nothing logical to say anymore. hahaha.. it just shows what kind of people noynoy’s supporters are! i have nothing against gordon, in fact he was my first pick.

  69. edz reborn Says:

    OMG this article made me get up from bed and felt the sudden urge to repost it! this is like an ” all-YOU-need-to-know” thing.
    Im screaming my lungs out n FB too.. i madly support the only competent candidate who has proven his hardwork over his 12 years in public service , i wouldnt even mention his scholastic achievements and qualifications, or else this quick comment wouldnt be enougH to post them all besides they are all in my paGe! To conclude : he is of GlObaL quality, globallY competenT! iTs time to make a CHaNge, ditch the TRaditional POliticians w/ empty promises!
    hindi tayo B!GO kay G1BO!!
    Sulong G1BO!!! (in sfo,ca.. we r flying with U!)

  70. Pinaycolada Says:

    @LoyalKayGordon – Ako ba ang pikon o ikaw? Haha. At least I have the audacity to speak my mind. Can’t say I blame yeah. There’s really nothing much to say about your candidate. 🙂 His big mouth’s enough to do all the talking.

    • GiboAko.GiboKami.GiboTayo Says:

      and do u think you have something to say about your candidate?? hahaha.. maybe u need a little research and see what you can get…

  71. GiboAko.GiboKami.GiboTayo Says:

    Gibo is smart but not all smart people are GMAs.

  72. Pinaycolada Says:

    @Why I Choose Gibo – haha. Yeah, my primary objective is to boost Gordon’s percentage points in the survey polls — para naman umangat ng konti sa 2% at di na sya manggalaiti sa pagdedemanda sa SWS at Pulse Asia. 🙂 Baka magka-aneurysm pa at matigok bago mag-eleksyon.

    You seem to have found a tag team in LoyalKayGordon. Good for you!

  73. Pinaycolada Says:

    @ Yellow Mommy – I wasn’t “comparing the importance of deaths.” I was responding to Why I Choose Gibo’s point on using dead relatives on a previous entry.

    Didn’t get the name-calling part though. And I wasn’t the first one in this thread of comments to have made an “attack” on the author. I may have crossed the line, but I am speaking for myself and nobody else. On Noynoy taking the psych test, I don’t think he should give in. It’s like asking Pacquiao to give in to Mayweather’s demands. That’s why I posted the statement made by the Psychological Association of the Philippines re: Misuse of Psychology in Elections. But I guess it didn’t go through cause I don’t see it here.

    @GIBOwinorlose – When I read your post initially I thought you were actually going to make an important point and I was ready to apologize for going too far. But towards the end, I realized what you’re driving at was just as bad as my alleged “garbage opinion.” X-D

    • Yellow Mommy Says:

      Pinaycolada nakakahiya ka, hija. Yung justification mo ay hindi tama. Bakit pwede natin gamitin sina Cory and Ninoy sa kampanya, bakit masama pag binanggit ni Villar ang kapatid niya? Did he not lose a loved one as Noynoy did? Was his pain any less because his brother’s death was not politically motivated?
      Tapos dinidiin mo yung manual count na wala naman sa rules ng poll automation, pero ayaw mo ng psych test dahil wala sa rules? You are contradicting yourself. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. Do you understand what I mean? Kailangan maging patas tayo sa lahat. This is why we get accused of being blind fanatics.
      Let’s just focus on Noy’s platform of anti-corruption.

      • GIBOwinorlose Says:

        @Yellow Mommy: i admire your principles.. I know you’ll raise brilliant children.. After this, whoever wins, we’ll work hand in hand for the good of our country.

      • green district 1 Says:

        @yellow mommy: ang tindi ng wisdom mo. though we may have opposing candidates, you are truly an asset to this country.

        sana lahat ng mga yellow gaya mo magisip.

    • GIBO winorlose Says:

      yeah.. maybe you didn’t get my point because you’re just as dumb as your candidate…

    • GIBOwinorlose Says:

      @yellow mommy- i admire your principles.. im sure you’ll raise good children.. i hope people will be as open minded and as logical as you.. God Bless! after this election we’ll work hand in hand for the good of our country

  74. Pinaycolada Says:

    Peace, peeps! You don’t have to gang up on me. 🙂

  75. neil Says:

    I’m proud to cast my vote for Gibo. I’ve watched/listen to forums and he’s the only presidentiable that doesn’t promise anything beyond what we’re capable of.

    I was really surprised when he said that poverty will never be solved and that the government can only provide the platform for poor filipinos to stand on. It’s true, even the greatest nation in the world, America, has beggars and poor areas.

    The Yamit family of Sagay Camiguin is for Gibo. That’s 9 votes!

  76. albert4gibo Says:

    This is a well written acticle. Im sure you would not mind if I spread this good work.

  77. Civilized Says:

    @Why I Choose Gibo — just delete Pinaycolada’s comments. They’re so out of line bordering on hysterical. Anyway, this is your blog and you can accept or delete any comments you want.
    Reposted this on facebook 🙂

  78. bantay_cebu Says:


    Gibo narin ako…

    I like this “The silent majority is tired of the empty promises and mudslinging. They want a president they can be proud of.”….

  79. sophia Says:

    YEY good job! 😀

  80. Coleen Says:

    Very well said… Nicely written! Two thumbs up!

  81. josef Says:

    i should say, we got it!at least now, many have realized the value of their votes – that is choosing the right person for the right position.

    our votes won’t be wasted at all when we think with full conscience. let’s not get blinded. now is the time. let’s put aside all those traditional politicians. if we want change, let’s start it by ourselves. i bet you all, voting for G1BO, to convince (to vote for G1BO) at least one person and let that convert do the same thing…then everybody does. a simple yet effective way.

    no matter what, i am for G1BO!

  82. Civilized Says:

    @whyiamchoosing you say “…make your blog more credible, present the cons of your candidate too.”
    What are you talking about?! The title of the article is Why I Am Choosing Gibo, it’s not Why I Am NOT Choosing Gibo. The writer is expressing an opinion, meron bang opinion na mali or tama? That’s why it’s called an opinion.
    Sinasabihan mo pa siya kung paano dapat sumagot. Di mo ba alam na ang may ari ng blog ang pwedeng magdecide kung ano yung gusto niyang gawin sa mga comments? You’ve resorted to nitpicking in the guise of trying to verify the “credibility” of the article. This is not an expose, it’s an opinion. There’s nothing the writer can say that will satisfy you kasi you don’t agree with her opinion. Yun lang yun.
    Dami mong pintas pero balik ka naman ng balik.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Yeah, I figured he was just nitpicking when he changed his username in his comments and wanted me to be more specific about my Gordon anecdote. Maybe he’ll come back and challenge my sentence construction 🙂
      He also said he was voting for Noy, then later for Gibo, then later again not Gibo. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back and said he was going to vote for Gibo but because of my article and this exchange, hindi nalang. Hahaha!

  83. liz Says:

    am planning to print this and give to those who have no internet access. maybe if all of us who commented will print this and distribute even for ten pcs each, many will be able to read this informative article.

  84. Pinaycolada Says:

    @ Yellow Mommy – ang mali ho sa paggamit ni Villar sa kanyang yumaong kapatid ay ang pagdadahilan na namatay ang kapatid nya sa kahirapan na isang kasinungalingan. Ang pagkamatay ni Ninoy, politically motivated man, ay ang pinakadahilan at ang pinag-ugatan ng lahat — ng paglaban ni Cory para sa ating demokrasya. Ayokong isipin na “ginagamit” lamang ni Noynoy ang kanyang mga magulang para sa kanyang kampanya — ang nais kong isipin ay gusto lamang nyang ituloy ang laban para sa demokrasya. Pwede namang talikuran na lamang nya ang pulitika at mamuhay ng tahimik, pero pinilu nyang ituloy ang laban.

    Kung may tiwala kayo sa automated polls ( na isang makabagong sistemang di pa nasusubukan), then well and good. Opinyon ko lang hong maniwala sa mga IT experts na nagsabing ang sistemang Ito ay prone sa pandaraya, lalo nat ang Comelec lamang ang nakaaaalam ng mga passwords. Hindi nga naman malayong mahello garci ulit. Kung noong panahon ni Marcos nagawang imanipulate ng Comelec ang polls, who’s to say na di nila kayang gawin ito ulit sa termino ni GMA? Kung naniniwala kayo na hindi capable na mandaya si GMA, then wala na akong idadagdag pa about the automated polls.

    Tungkol naman sa issue ng psych test, kung babasahin nyo ho ang latest statement ng spokesperson ni Noy-Mar — ayon Kay Villar, sinungaling daw ang mga pari ng Ateneo dahil sa client- patient confidentiality. Ang Ateneo po ay never naging medical institution. At ang mga heswitang pinaparatangan nyang sinungaling ay respetado sa komunidad ng mga akademiko. Sa aking opinyon, ang ganyang mga tao ay hindi dapat patulan dahil naghahanap lang sila ng last resort para mahanapan ng butas si Noynoy.

    Kung ako ma’y naging offensive ako’y nagpapaumanhin. Ngunit Hindi ho illogical sa akin na magalit sa pagkumpara ng pagkamatay ni Ninoy at sa paggamit ni Villar ng kahirapan sa pagkamatay ng kanyang kapatid. Kung anuman po ang objective ng may-akda para sabihing double standard ang aking opinyon, sa palagay ko’y hindi deserve ni Ninoy na mapagtawanan lamang dahil Hindi ho katawa-tawa ang dahilan ng kanyang pagkamatay. At hindi rin ho katawa-tawang mawalan ng kapatid. Masakit ho yun. Pero mas masakit na gamitin ka ng sarili mong kapatid para lang makuha ang simpatiya ng sambayanan. Yun lang ang punto ng aking argumento.

    Kung nakakahiya ho ako sa inyo, wala ho akong magagawa. Opinyon nyo rin iyan. Pareho man tayo ng iboboto magkaiba ho tayo ng prinsipyo. Hindi ho ako “solid Coryista lang” ako po’y produkto ng lahat ng naging kaganapan sa ating pamahalaan mula ng nakaupo pa si Marcos bilang pangulo hanggang sa kasalukuyan.

    Ngunit dahil maging ang mga Civilized ay hindi na civil, at lahat ng tao’y hot na hot nang iboot out ako sa thread na ito, this will be my last post. Gusto ko lamang ipaliwanag ang aking sarili sa kapwa maka-Noynoy dahil wala ho akong hinahanap na conflict mula sa inyo. Sabi ko nga, I’m speaking only for myself.

    • Civilized Says:

      Ang lakas ng loob sabihin hindi tayo civilized samantalang siya naman yung nag name call. Una ang tapang ng mga comment mo kasi di ka pinapatulan ng author. Tapos nung nag comment yung iba pa biglang pa peace peace ka. Good riddance!

  85. G1BOer Says:

    “Tonight let it be known to all Filipinos that the Almighty Father has appointed the President of this nation. He is no other than Gilbert ‘Gibo’ Teodoro,” Quiboloy said.

    • IhopeGIBOwins Says:

      That’s nice if GIBO wins it only shows that Pastor Quiboloy REALLY is the appointed Son of Jesus Christ. Nice article by the way.

  86. trueCOLORofBLOODiSYELLOW Says:

    Last elections I did: “I think and therefore I am for GMA” but where are we right now?. This time I don’t want to use my BRAIN I just want to use my HEART. “I have a HEART and therefore I am for NOYNOY”. The true color of BLOOD is YELLOW and it flows within my HEART.

  87. ping Says:

    I read your blog in my friend’s FB account and I was really impressed by it. However, you failed to mention Gibo’s accomplishments, or is there?

    Sure, he has a very good platform of government but if you don’t know how to implement it through action, it will remain as a platfrom of government – or in other words, a promise. Why am I saying this? Because in his time as a DND secretary, there is no changes in the AFP – corruption is still there, no reforms whatsoever, and worst, no improvements. And is Gibo accepting some responsibility for not dismantling private armies during his time and to the extent, a part of the Maguindanao massacre failure?

    In his time as a congressman, yeah, he has done a lot of bills but bills/laws will remain as a law if you will not implement it. I mean, we had a lot of laws already in the Philippines, what we need is political will to implement it. And I think Gibo doesn’t have that will. If he has, then maybe he should have given the filipinos a chance to hear the full impeachment case and let Gloria face the accusations. But he didn’t.

    Honestly, I am for Gordon. I know you didn’t like him due to his “know-everything” character. But let us look at the accomplishments and experiences. You already named it – Subic, Olongapo, Red Cross, and DOT. Remember WOW Philippines? Because, if you will base your choice on whoever you like, then you cannot blame those masses if they like erap or noynoy. And if your argument is based on the machinery and winnability – then i will go to what the survey tells me.

    Anyway, I really appreciate your blog. Hope those who support Noynoy will read this blog so that they will be enlightened.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read the article. I didn’t place Gibo’s achievements because they’re easy to find on his and his supporters’ websites.
      I think the Gibo and Gordon followers are very similar, wishing for the same enlightenment for the voters.


    Its great you said something against GORDON.


  89. Jack Quintos Says:

    “Noynoy likes to talk about human rights and justice. To that I have two words: Hacienda Luisita”

    I think you’re forgetting that Gibo is also a Cojuangco. So the Hacienda Luisita issue affects not only Noynoy, but Gibo as well.

    Gibo also started the impeachment against former Supreme Court Justice Davide for giving unfavorable ruling on the Coconut Levy funds used by Danding Cojuangco to purchase San Miguel Corp. shares of stocks. By so doing, it appears that Gibo has no respect for the independence of the Supreme Court.

  90. Jack Quintos Says:



    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Yes, I said alleged.
      Impeachment is not the same as conviction. Impeachment is a process that allows a transparent investigation to take place. The Supreme Court, however, said no impeachment proceedings could be initiated against the same official more than once within a period of one year.

      Former President Joseph Estrada filed an earlier impeachment complaint against Davide and seven other justices in June 2003, accusing them of violating the Constitution and plotting his ouster in 2001. Estrada’s complaint was dimissed October 22, 2003. The congressmen filed their complaint October 23, 2003.

      The opinion of legal experts was split on whether or not the Court should have allowed the inquiry. The ones who disagreed with the decision felt that the Court should not have interfered in the impeachment proceedings, because it was the only way the Legislature could exercise checks and balances on the Judiciary. The ones who agreed with the decision felt the Court had to dismiss the inquiry to protect its independence.

      A vote was conducted in the House on November 10, 2003 to decide if the articles of impeachment should be transmitted to the Senate despite the decision of the Supreme Court. Of the congressmen present, 115 voted to accept the Court’s decision, while 77 voted against it.

      The House members agreed that amendments to PD 1949 should be considered to give Congress the explicit right to look into the Judiciary’s use of the JDF in the future. This would provide a check on the Commission on Audit (COA), whose head is appointed by the President. The COA declared there was no fund misuse.

  91. maria Says:

    I think some Filipinos should change their mentality of voting this certain candidate because he/she is on the lead or more popular or kasi matatalo naman yung gusto nyang iboto. If thats the basis of their vote then they shouldnt vote anymore. I really like your article. Reposting it on facebook. Thanks!

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      That’s true, I agree. Malakas kasi sa atin yung trait na ayaw mapahiya. You don’t want to vote for someone who won’t win even if you think he is deserving. For me mas nakakahiya pag manalo yung hindi naman karapatdapat.

  92. fc Says:

    This is the problem with Gibo supporters- hyper educated- university students, degree holders, professionals. Let me just say that the most intelligent presidents are also the most insufferable for being able to manipulate the country for their own personal intentions. Hear no evil, see no evil since he joined the Lakas camp. If he is principled indeed, why hasn’t he broken his silence long time ago when he pledged his allegiance to the Lakas camp? Pretty easy to understand as long as one is not in denial that there is a great sin of omission.

    And most people are right, this is not a lesser evil choice. When the other one of the two strong candidates is not ‘evil.’

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      The “intelligent people are smart enough to fool us” reasoning really annoys me. Yes, a smart person can certainly maneuver matters to their own advantage, however it doesn’t follow that all smart people will do this.
      This flawed reasoning is what politicos use to patronize people of little or no education — they foster fear and distrust of educated/intelligent people.
      I guess it’s easier than coming up with a detailed platform.

  93. roronoa_zoro Says:

    i hate when people say gibo is being used by GMA. G1bo has his own mind and principle. i believe he puts conviction to what he is doing and what he believes. good luck again to GIBO! you’re no. 1!

  94. Richmond Says:

    GreaT article…. It’s about time… the people need to read your article.. I’m definitely posting this on my facebook….

  95. lily Says:

    Please, almost all of them were identified with GMA at one time or another. Based on the number of defections from the Lakas camp and his current estrangement from his uncle Danding, Gibo is not anyone’s puppet. He is clearly his own man and his resolve to run his campaign in the matter he sees fit has ruffled many trapos feathers.

    —he said malaki utang na loob niya kay GMA. Why didnt he just say, There’s due process and if found guilty GMA would be convicted. As easy as that.

    —And talino nga niya Edu Manzano for VP? Bravo.

  96. selens Says:

    dont worry your Gibo will win, GMA will make sure of that

  97. iwillvote Says:

    @VAN: That was a very very long essay on why you hate GMA. And NO ON DISAGREES, so there was not much use for that long essay.

    The sad truth is political parties in the Philippines are nothing more than avenues to conduct your campaigns through structured funding. Without the big parties or very very deep personal pockets, no candidate has a great potential to win elections. Gibo being in the administration’s party should no longer be an issue – as EMPHASIZED by the numerous DEFECTIONS of admin candidates moving at treacherous speed to BOTH Noynoy and Villar’s parties…. No one is loyal to anyone but to their own personal motives in Philippine politics. None of them are…. Except maybe for Gibo who has been such a refreshing figure in these elections. Politicians seem to jump ship and change their stance whenever convenient. Even the political parties don’t have a united/distinct/unwavering stance on issues. So therefore, voting in the Philippines has never been party-driven. So if you’re scared of GMA’s influence, then be VERRRRY scared bec she seems to now have influence over all major parties. brrrr.

    Given you’re not choosing Villar, nor have you defended any of Noynoy’s qualities as an effective leader of this country (and I am quite sure you can’t, as none of his supporters can)… who ARE YOU going to vote for? You must decide soon, and support that candidate, instead of sowing more confusion through recycled and much countered arguments about Gibo being GMA’s puppet. Look around Noynoy. Surely you can notice a lot of GMA piranhas swimming/hiding behind him…. Or are you so naïve as to think that the Noynoy camp is the “good” party in the good vs evil battle that the media has created? Good vs evil ba talaga? That is naive. Take a stand. Stand by your candidate. If you have lost hope on the political system to even take your pick, then this forum is no longer for you. My hope is pegged on Gibo.

    @fc: I refuse to vote for someone so trapo, so uninspiring and unimpressive, just because I’m scared of the corrupted possibilities of a truly intelligent candidate. That is the craziest argument I’ve ever heard! It’s like saying, let’s vote for the most incapable so that he will also be incapable of stealing… nevermind that he will be incapable of steering this country towards a better future. good luck to our country if the majority thinks this way.

    • van Says:


      If you agree with the very long essay yet feel it has nothing to do with the coming elections and candidates, feel free to think happy thoughts, that post may elections, it is a *whip* DIVINELY clean slate once Gibo takes the seat. Phil politics has never been party driven, the sarcastic brrr brrr comment on GMA’s influence, your underestimation of GMAs plan should she win a congressional seat– you talk like our political story is segmented. Like we’re playing a board game that after one game, we re-shuflffe all cards and playmoney, everything, all tokens get put back in their places and the game starts anew. All participants and abilities are equally on level one. Well, it’s not. Our political timeline and characters in it cannot be broken down into separate episodes. Everything is intertwined and continuous.

      Well, believe what you want to believe, news and punditry can only sway a person’s opinion so much. Just be gracious enough not to mock people who don’t agree with you. Anyone who posts in textspeak, yes you can mock, lol.

      On the other hand, your entire recycled paragraph to convince me of the evil that is Noynoy is what’s useless as I have already stated I haven’t even locked on him. Is that the trend? Prove how Pro-Gibo you are by how rabidly Anti-Noynoy you are? Hm. It’s as bad as rabid NA fans. The drooling distracts you that you fail to hear what my post pointed out. How have I lost hope when I am here spending time reading posts (and I read the original post and each and every reply and really appreciate them) being involved. When did I say NA is the good party? You are so desperate to believe everyone thinks this way, that there’s a good and bad party (this must be the only reason why people aren’t for gibo!) mock them for it and then (surprise) projection pala. Pff. Do not think we are on opposite sides of intellect, morality and dreams for the country just because we don’t agree on Gibo, well at least I don’t.

      I actually understand your need for idealism and the need to believe in someone, I think we all have that need, so I’m not really here to change your mind or anyone’s. Vote for the man knowing his flaws, not because you refuse to acknowledge or sugarcoat it. Gibo maybe a lot of things, but for you to claim everyone has a personal motive except Gibo is, well, quite a superlative, almost dreamy. He’s not *brave* because he dared to run under GMA’s clout, he hungered for it. Own it, then vote for him.

      I need someone who can make change the most accessible. I don’t believe he’s right for the job. Let’s agree to disagree.

  98. iwillvote Says:

    i never said gibo would divinely clean the slate. did i? and on that matter, no candidate can. i never underestimated gma’s influence for one second. in fact im overestimating it by saying she has influence in all parties, so the issue now is to choose the most competent and nothing else.

    textspeak? lol???

    you said you were still unsure if you were voting for noynoy. as you bashed villar and gibo with a long essay, then surely i can show the readers what i think of the other strong candidates as well? my arguments were hardly rabid. how sensitive naman….

    im recycling the author’s words because you seem to have skipped reading them. 🙂 yes agree to disagree. but someone had to counter that long essay against gibo. after all… this is a pro-gibo blog.

    • van Says:

      Sensitive? You barely ruffled my feathers, no worries. I’m not kidding when I say I enjoyed reading all posts on this blog. Even yours, where, after you skim my post, intentionally pick select parts, string them together and form inaccurate readings on what I said. Bash Noynoy all you want if that makes you feel better about Gibo, it still doesn’t add points to Gibo for me.

      You hardly countered my post, but yes, this is a pro-Gibo blog, do you want to read 100% self-congratulatory posts here? Talo mo pa owner ng blog, who was open enough to approve this post.

      Did I invent anything to discredit him? I merely pointed out his affiliation, how this reflects on him and how this may affect the post-election scenario, then I said, let me repeat slowly, if after all that I said, you believe in him then he deserves your vote. Isn’t that the fairest of civility yet?

      Address the candidates, not the voter.

      • iwillvote Says:

        oh. you were MERELY pointing out his affiliation! ha ha ha. okay, i’m done commenting on her post. positive campaigning. sorry i got derailed. 🙂

  99. france Says:

    i love the article….thanks po….i have printed this and also emailed to all my contacts….GO GO G1BO!!!

  100. GIBO 1 Says:


  101. nonsimpleton Says:

    I’m praying every night for Gibo to win. It saves me time from praying that way too, because if I pray for Gibo to win, that means I’m praying for my country to progress once he is seated. –not that I don’t have time to pray to God or anything… Well, you know what I mean.

  102. lhena Says:

    This is really ‘GREAT’

    Everything that I post as comments on facebook discussing Gibo is here—presented perfectly.

    This explains it all… exactly what i always wanted to tell my officemates.

    I keep telling them that it is really Gibo that I am voting for. Right now, I only have my assistant and our receptionist who want Gibo as President, and sometimes we speak quietly when Gibo is our topic or else it’s a long discussion. My officemates would kill time (a.ka. abandon work) just to convince me to go for Ninoy. But as of now, I’m happy that I was able to make my parents realize that Gibo is the best person for the job so they’re voting for him too 🙂 I have yet to convince my 3 sisters.

    Now that i mentioned about work, I would like to recall how Gibo first had my admiration. It was during Ondoy when I got to hear about this man. A certain radio announcer said something like: ITONG MAMANG ITO (referring to Gibo), KAHIT PAGOD NA SA MGA INIKUTAN NA LUGAR KAGABI, MAAGA PA RIN PUMASOK SA OPISINA (he was with the nat’l coordinating council then), HINDI GINAGAWANG DAHILAN ANG PAGOD SA TRABAHO… VERY PROFESSIONAL… This is a media person speaking good about him.

    And that was the start… he instantly earned my respect. He never fails to impress me lalo na when I watched him during the harapan/debates.

    No matter what happens, GIBO IS MY PRESIDENT!

    Thanks so much for this. I’m from a Publishing Industry (but I don’t write, just part of the Admin group) but I can really tell you have great talent in writing–you communicated your thoughts very well. Kudos!!!
    And again, LONG LIVE GIBO!

  103. romeo Says:

    yes I will not vote for gibo, he is an opportunist , he allowed himself to used by the Lying, Cheating, and stealing arroyo regime. he will just ignore the sins of this abominable regime. I would say it again gibo is an opportunist first class

  104. iamangelica Says:

    Thank you for the enlightenment…i pray everyone gets the chance to read this nice article.congratulations maam!

  105. Virgilio A. Santos Says:

    Congratulations on your well thought out and well written article, ma’am!. If I am asked to give you a good round of applause, I will do it all the way. As Thomas Paine said: ” He who does not offend, cannot be honest.” May the Great Spirit bless you with his divine light, love and goodness.

  106. pokomotoy Says:

    I am a solid G1BO supporter but too shy to share it with others because I didn’t clearly know what GIBO is up to… Now, because of this article, I can now defend myself from other people who criticize my belief for casting my vote for G1BO. thank you madam for this article and all of you who also believe, shout it out loud: SULONG G1BO… LIPAD TAYO!!

    btw madam, ill repost it in my facebook account 😀


  107. Ulalang Says:

    Great article..To the author, ignore those nasty long comments. Jobless siguro ang mga taong ito, kasi they have plenty of time to write long comments. Go Gibo..we love you.

  108. Katz Says:

    Well written! I believe you’ve brought to light all the important considerations one has to make for voting our next president. I too was for Noynoy until a couple of months ago. My husband kept asking me, “What’s his platform? What’s his plan?” It’s so true that all that ever comes out of his mouth are empty retorts that only reflect his “kababawan.” I wish others would just wake up and realize who is the best and most competent candidate–Gibo.

    Don’t get me started on those die-hard for Gordon…

  109. Uragon_Ini Says:

    Without asking for permission from the author, I had this reprinted, photocopied, and distributed. My apologies sir/mam.

  110. bobby mamaril Says:

    i really like gibo, he’s the person i think have the clearest and sincerest platform. i admire he’s hardwork and symphaty for our country. i hope pilipino people wil be enlighten. god bless to all pilipino & gudluk. thanks madam for giving us the oppurtunity to share our thoughts. mabuhay ka gibo

  111. chester faytaren Says:

    yes he’s good, he’s intelligent, BUT he is not a leader. leaders stand out of the crowd THROUGH TIME. they do not magically pop out (as endorsed by the current administration). that is why i am for gordon and no one else because he is a proven leader, he knows what he wants for our country, he knows what filipinos need, and he EXPECTS RESULTS. ang kailangan natin ngayon ay bumalik sa tamanag landas and we cannot do that without a firm and confident leader.

    he does not talk down to people. have you actually heard him talk down to people? what he does is IPAPAMUKHA niya ang mga pagkakamali mo (based on facts) at sasabihin niya sayo pano itama yun and sadly most filipinos cannot swallow that. gusto kasi natin yung sugar-coated, nilalambing, at sinusuyo.

    “Maybe it’s from his Subic experience where everyone was a volunteer and willing to be dictated upon, but a good leader really needs to listen.” –>> volunteer and dictate in one sentence?! hindi ba mali yan? ikaw, will you volunteer TO BE DICTATED upon? volunteerism is the practice of your own free will but you are saying to volunteer in GENERAL is to participate FREELY but to volunteer with GORDON is to allow him to rob you of your free will. believe me, he listens, but he does not only listens, he ACTS and he gets easily pissed when filipinos do not act.

    so, my question is, would you rather have a president who dreams too low and has only set the bar to something easily attainable or a president who dreams of the big and the impossible but will do everything he can to reach that dream.

    please, please, please…do not settle with “PUWEDE NA.” AIM HIGH and DREAM BIG.

    i am not asking you to vote for my candidate. i know you made the decision based on your own thorough study of the politicians (like me). it is this very reason why i am still hopeful that it is not too late for us.sadly, hindi nakakarating ang blogs, youtube, at facebook sa kabundukan kung san batuhan lang sila ng t-shirt e iboboto na nila.

    i just wanted to share my initial reaction in reading your blog. nice read by the way!

  112. youthforG1BO Says:

    I had a really enjoyable time reading all the comments in this blog entry! It’s all very interesting and entertaining. I would like to give arguments also, but you guys are doing a hell of a job with it!

    I just hope that whoever will win, we will support him all the way.

    I am voting for Gibo because he really has BIG DREAMS for our country that are anchored on REALISTIC reforms… and that appeals to me more than just saying I will eliminate corruption or I will eliminate poverty (even in the US, there is still corruption and there are still poor people). As a student, I want a president of hope and reconciliation.

    I hope more experienced voters won’t be too jaded just because they’ve been let down by our ‘leaders’ so many times (Gibo might be like Marcos, Gibo might be GMA’s puppet, etc). there is always hope! Don’t give in to fear. Ask what really needs to be done and how we are to go about it. (Gibo and Gordon are the only ones who have concrete plans, and that’s why they are the most qualified to be president).

    You might ask why Gibo over Gordon? Simply because, as part of the youth, Gibo inspires us. sabi ko nga, he has big dreams, and we can relate to that because we are too young to believe in impossibility and young enough to still do it(the impossible)!

  113. Isis Says:

    Thans for the enlightenment ……. I too will vote and support G1BO… win or lose…..at least we know for our selves that whatever the outcome of this coming election, we voted for the right person……..

    Sulong G1BO…..

    Why I choose G1BO????
    – My answer is simple….because I believe in him…

  114. majime22/pinas aka joleng hermione Says:

    wag po ninyong maliitin ang mga jobless kuno na nagpo-post nang mga mahahabang comments dito~baka nakakalimutan ninyo na majority nang tao sa pilipinas ay jobless at naghihirap~ at sa kanila nakakakuha nang majority nang boto ang mga politiko~

    about gibo his promises remains to be seen kung kaya nga niyang ipatupad~madami nang nangako na matatalino pero wala din~anyway wala naman perpekto pero sana kahit sa may10 lang gamitin ang isip kahit 1 araw man lang sa buhay natin gumawa tayo nang makabuluhan~

    kung kay gibo kayo fine~im sorry pero im not impressed sa mga accomplishments na nagawa ni gibo~but still a long way to go for him at least nakilala na siya ngayun, anytime puwede na niya para patunayan na doer din siya hindi lang basta talker~

    Gordon ang bet ko~a man of action~i dont care kung madaming nagsasabi na arogante siya at hindi nakikinig sa iba~siya yun ipinapakita niya kung sino siya sa umpisa pa lang kahit risk yun para mawalan siya nang madaming boto~i bet kung nagbabait-baitan siya baka siya na ang iboto nang mga maka-gibo~pero hindi siya plastic na kung kelan lang eleksiyon saka lang mabait at araw-araw nakikipag-kamay~after nang eleksiyon hindi na mahagilap~puro sa secretary o staff ka na lang makikipag-ugnayan~

    si gordon ay gusto na maging hands-on sa tao ang presidente~24 hours na puwedeng makontak at lahat puwede magsumbong~sisigawan ka niya kung mali ka kasi concern siya at itatama ka~ang magulang ba natin hindi tayo sinisigawan pag mali tayo?

    siya lang ang malakas ang loob at harap-harapang nagsasalita sa TV sa mga interview about sa katotohanan sa mga kandodato~kung hindi dahil kay gordon malalaman ba natin na si noynoy ay wala palang naipasang batas kahit isa? dahil sa kanya kaya tayo nagkakaroon nang ideas at pawang katotohanan ang itinatanim niya sa isip nang taumbayan unlike ibang pulitiko na niloloko tayo puro commmercial,puro papogi puro artista endorser,puro pasikat~ang tanong sa tagal nang panunungkulan sa gobyerno buhat sa pagiging mayor hanggang congressman kahit wag na sa public service sa trabaho na lang sana nila bilang elected official~ anu-ano na ang nagawa???

    ang mga trapo sa gobyerno ay payaman nang payaman~dumarami ang mga lupain,pati lupain nang mga magsasaka hindi na mabawi-bawi,naipa-develop na sa mga subd,negosyo at pansariling interes~pero ang taumbayan patuloy na naghihirap pa din~ang mga mayayaman at makapangyarihan lang ang nangingibabawa~pero sa gapo pinatunayan ni gordon na ang taumbayan sa gapo bayan ang pinaunlad niya hindi ang bulsa niya at ang lugar na dati ay puro ashes ang nangingibabaw naging isa sa pinakamaunlad na lugar na sa pilipinas~

    lets face it~ayaw natin nang ugali ni gordon pero siya ang kailangan nang taumbayan at nang bansa natin~aside from his outstading track record,numerous achievements,pag nasa panganib tayo siya ang tumutulong at sumasagip satin~

    he has a big heart to help others who are in need~yung 40 years niya mahigit sa red cross as a volunteer can speak for itself~at kahit kuta nang abu sayyaff ay pinasok niya para lang makapagligtas nang hostages risking his own life! whew!kahit ako bigyan nang 10 milyon hindi ako papasok sa kuta nang abu sayyaff!

    pero nagustuhan ko ang article mo dahil pinalabas mo ang katotohanan kahit narinig ko na yan kay gordon lahat everytime na sinasabi niya on national TV para matauhan tayong mga naging mangmang dahil sa bias na media ~still isa ka sa nagpapalaganap nang katotohanan kaya maraming salamat sa iyo~love this blog! i hope madami pa ang makabasa nito~

    anyway si gordon din pala ang nag-iisang nagtanggol kay gibo nuong gusto ni ted failon na pagtulungan siya nang mgaa anti-gloria candidates dahil si gibo lang ang nag-iisang pro-gloria ang naging sagot sa debate~whew napaka-bias talaga nang media! kailangan pa bang i-memorize yun siyempre kapartido niya alangan naman puro masama ang sabihin niya?

    pag kandidato nila puro magaganda sinasabi LOL~ idol ko ever since si ted failon pero i cant tolerate this!thanks to dick gordon who has the balls na umalma kahit ikawala nang maraming boto niya we all know naman na popular si ted failon at puwede niyang gamitin ang influence na gumanti sa pagkapahiya niya kay gordon~marami na naman magsasabing arogante si gordon dahil sa pagtatama nang mali~but to top it all ang hindi kaya nang iba si gordon ang gumagawa~siya lang ang nagpapamulat satin nang katotohanan at nagtatama nang mali~

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Salamat sa pag basa mo ng blog na ito at sa comments mo. Alam ko naman na pare-pareho tayo ng hangarin para sa ating bayan, iba-iba lang ang ating pananaw sa kung sino sa kanila ang makakatulong sa atin ng pinaka mabuti.

    • Majic Canton Says:

      Mas marami na ang experience ni Gordon. Between G1bo and Gordon, I still choose G1bo. Gordon has awesome plans but G1bo has awesome AND realistic plans. Mas lamang si G1bo sa kanya. Indeed, marami na tayong presidente na ginamit ang talino nila sa kasamaan pero hindi lahat ng matalino, masama. You can’t say that G1bo is masama and Gordon is not dahil lang matalino si G1bo. It’s a complete fallacy.
      If Gordon will win, I’ll be ok with that. He’s a very qualified presidentiable. But G1bo is still number 1.

  115. Rozetta Rosales Says:

    I can’t vote yet. but I super agree to you. i’m only 17. but still, we will still be affected by this. so go for GIBO!!!!

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      If there’s one thing that this election has done, it has made the youth more aware of current events and what role they can play in nation building. For this, I’m very happy.

  116. aiksenciso Says:

    this is a very well-thought article! count me as one of your fans! would like to ask permission to share this? thanks in advance!

  117. Ana Margarita Teodoro Says:

    I love this article. Very well explained. Thank you so much.

    May I have your permission to share this article, Madame?

  118. Jan Says:

    Very inspiring, thanks for writing this article.

  119. luke life Says:

    Gibo Teodoro for me is like Senator Raul Roco when he was running for president in 2004.

    Both were excellent in rhetorical speeches. They have the youth behind them. And solid platforms.

    But we had to admit to ourselves that popularity still lingers in the political scene. If you compare the surveys in 2004, Roco was in the fourth position and Gibo is in the same boat right now.

    I voted for Roco then but now i will vote for Noynoy. Not that i do not like Gibo but the way his partymates are scouring to other political parties, he must be doing something wrong. Thus preventing him from gaining more grounds and votes from his partymates.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Thank you for reading my article. I respectfully ask you to examine your reasons again. You like Gibo, but you will vote for Noynoy because you think Gibo won’t win. If you think that Noynoy will win, why not cast your vote for your original choice since your belief is that Noynoy will win anyway — with or without your vote.
      Gibo does have similarities with the late Sen Roco, however a big difference is his appeal to a wider range of people. Sen. Roco was popular mostly with students, but did not connect well with businessmen or the masses. Gibo is different, his supporters are from all walks of life — from the Forbes Park socialite, to the flower vendor down the street.
      Do not base your choice on what you see in the papers or on TV. He has and is gaining ground. So much so that it has made the supposed front runner very nervous.
      If you love our country, please choose someone who is competent and has a clear plan and vision for the country. Someone who can inspire people on his own, without having to invoke his lineage or celebrity endorsements. Someone who has a stellar track record, proof of a solid work ethic and who can bring people together. Please choose wisely.

  120. trss Says:

    I love that the comments on this post (with a handful of exceptions) are well thought out and well-written. It’s too bad my family and I will be out of the country during the elections, sayang the 10 votes for Gibo! Thanks for a great article!

  121. dinoregalario Says:

    i agree with your choice of gibo and i will be voting for him come may 10 also i commend your articulate discussion of your opinion. however i just feel that you are too closed to the nature and sensitivities of the great number of filipinos who are to great degree simple folk with simple tastes (it may seem silly but the only thing that earned my ire about your article is the part on wowowee). i mention this only because i feel this is the sort of attitude that greatly limits the possibility of qualified people like gibo making it to the presidency. why? you might ask. are the two even related? it may not seem so. but the truth is it is related.

    gibo cant win and even if he does he can never really change things if the so called “masses” (i’d rather not use the term) are not involved. from reading your article i just notice that your attitude towards the lower classes of society while not being hostile is to a certain degree misguided. im not saying im an expert on the subject im also pretty much on the other side of the fence being a blue blooded atenean among other things. however i try to see the poor not as the pitiful, naive and consistently victimized lot that most people in our class see them as. i try to see tham as partners in nation building whose choices are not trivial or illogical whims of simpletons but are valid opinions on political matters.
    you chose villar as your second pick and scoffed at estrada. but estrada is the “masses” choice, why is that? people in our class and demographic don’t even bother to ask why. but thinking about it and with my own experience with the poorer folk i’ve had the priviledge to know and really converse with i believe its because erap has the modesty and simplicity of character that appeals to the filipino sensibiliy (i say filipino sensibility because i believe the “masses” are the true identity of the filipino yet we never listen to them[our class constitutes barely 10% of the total population]) they can relate to him (erap) because he is someone they know, and someone who knows them (he never even has to claim to be poor to gain their sympathies unlike villar who claims to know the poor because he claims he was one of them). Erap is someone the “massas” support whole heartedly because he respects them and sees them not as subordinates who dont matter but as people who are at his level to the point that he genuinely feels for them (say what you want about erap but you cant deny that he does care about the poor) . the elite of this country do not have this sense of comradeship, this sense of solidarity with the majority of filipinos in the lower classes. the “masses” know this all too well, and they feel this dislocation, this alienation with the educated elite when they look at gibo or anyone like him…so in the end if we want an educated, qualified, honest person in malacanang we have to change too…its not all because the poor are ignorant and stupid

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Thank you for reading the article and for your comments. Just to be clear, Gordon was my second choice while Villar was third.

      I believe Erap’s appeal was largely because of his movie career. You’re right, the masses felt that they knew him, that he was one of them, because the movies made him seem so accessible.

      I don’t believe that I ever said that the poor or masses are ignorant and stupid. Of course they are partners in nation building, and they should be treated as such. Just like anyone else, they appreciate sincerity and a clear, down-to-earth discussion of how you want to help them.

      Which is why I have an issue with Wowowee and campaigns that load up on celebrities because they think it’s the way to get the attention of the masses. One candidate even said something like articulating his platform would just be too long and it won’t be of interest to the people. I don’t think you need to pander to or patronize them.

  122. Knight RN Says:

    I have a lot of issues with Gibo but this is my biggest one.

    Gibo did not attend the tandem debates (which got cancelled).
    Gibo did not attend the forums for the poor by the Catholic Bishop Conference of the Philippines.
    Gibo did not attend the Puso sa Puso forums.
    I am pretty sure there are a lot more…

    But my biggest frustration is Gibo did not attend the forums by the Alliance of All Health Organizations of the Nation (AAHON) of which member ang Phil Nurses Asso., Phil Med Asso., Phil Dental Asso., etc. These people have legitimate issues they wish to discuss. They are interested to look at the the candidate’s platform on health. How could he ignore them (and the other groups for that matter)?

    That is my main problem with Gibo. Galing (daw) at Talino but he doesn’t listen to the people. I am a nurse. I will stand by AAHON’s endorsement of Richard Gordon because he cared enough to talk to these people involved in health care.

    What is it about forums and debates? Minsan tuloy nahihirapan akong paniwalaan ang “clean campaign” nya. It seems to me that he just wants to avoid the mud slinging arena to stay clean. You’ve got to face the people. Allow them to ask questions on issues. Pero the way I see it, he simply is not interested.

    I think, therefore, forgive me, if i am not impressed.

    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      I respect your choice, however I also believe that it is each voting citizen’s duty to get to know and research the candidates’ platforms. We all know that during the campaign season, the candidates have to visit as many provinces as they can, and it is inevitable that some invitations will be declined. Gibo’s non-attendance of the fora that you mentioned should not hinder you from finding out about his platform regarding health care.

  123. Fred Nineza Says:

    Thank so much for the very informative article…At first i was really for MV for some reasons but then as the time goes by and after hearing bout Gibo, i started to dig about Him and i am so amazed to realize now that He is so humble and have a high respect to for everyone, in fact he never engaged in a kind of campaign that others do, like destroying ones reputation just to gain support…He is so correct when He said and i qoute ” paano mo ma unite ang lahat kung sa election pa lang, tinitira mo lagi? do you think makipag reconcile yon syo after the election? ” and quote. Thou am nolonger in our country but rest assured that our family is for Gibo, i will be actively campaign for Him and praying hard that people will be inlighted and vote for Gibo…God Bless the Philippines!

  124. I am for g1bo Says:

    Go go g1bo..!

  125. Ronald Says:

    Hi Ma’am.. I honestly agree with everything you said.. I am a web developer and I mostly spend my time in the internet doing some website stuffs.. So I thought this might help in your campaign:

    You can insert this snippet somewhere in the bottom of your article, so people who gets to read this can quickly share it via Facebook.. (^^,)

  126. Redgan Says:

    I am 39y/o, working as an OFW here in Riyadh, KSA. I was away from Philippines during campaign period and from the time it begun. I would go for Mar if he pursued his candidacy in presidency, but he backed-out and gave it to Noynoy, I really felt bad about it. From then I was thinking of not voting anybody, for I don’t trust anyone they can reform our government anymore. The ‘debate’, after I’ve heard about it, made me think otherwise. I just want to ask our ‘G1bo’ to please include OFW’s equal rights, anyway, malaki pakinabang ng gobyerno sa mga pinapa-alis nilang non-pro and prof from our country, its proper to give them their worth as bayaning filipino…hindi api sa sariling bansa at nagpapa-api pa sa ibang bansa. Mr. G1bo, I am asking on behalf of my fellow OFW’s, esp here in Saudi Arabia, to please include, if not your priority, very good plans for your kababayan OFW’s. We, those who believe in you, would really pray hard for your success and be God’s medium for all our nation’s greatness! Good luck!

  127. DongVee Says:

    Very informative article. Very sensible. I am sharing this to some people I know who are still in the dark.

  128. K.Leo Says:

    You just summarized all my thoughts on the 2010 election in this single article.

    I’m a 18 year old college student and I haven’t really decided on my candidate yet but I have been leaning towards Gibo for a while now. This really helped me get to know him and the other candidates better.

    As young as I am, I’m frustrated at the fact elections here are treated like popularity contests. I’m glad to see some candidates still have the dignity to present and concentrate on their platforms instead of dirtying their hands with rumors and black propaganda.

  129. Why Gibo Should Be the Next President | Digital Ink on Paper Says:

    […] remained composed and provided logical answers.  Tuta ni PGMA? I don’t think so.  This blog post was right when the author said that “almost all of them were identified with GMA at one time […]

  130. Jerick Nuguid Says:

    its funny…how i really relate with what you’ve written… im a thirty something also…(haha!) been practically a cory supporter all my life… been in edsa dos 2.. but Noynoy is no Cory… although they “both” have no experience whatsoever before running for the presidency.. (i said “both” because Noynoy though been a congressman and senator has no achievements to boast… ) we have a different scenario then… there was a dictatorship that was needed to topple… we have no freedom then… but now GMA is already stepping down…and we have democracy.. We need someone who could lead us to greater heights from day 1… Not a mediocre senator… who is willing to share the power of the presidency with his vp if he get elected… Gibo is really the best choice.. a cut above the rest…

  131. drew mamon Says:


    This 2-candidate, good vs. evil battle is a media creation. Your vote is only wasted if your choice is based on fear, emotion and/or nostalgia rather than who you really think is qualified and deserving.

    “Winnability” is a concept used by traditional politicians to appeal to the Filipinos’ need to always feel like they are part of the winning circle — hence the commissioned and questionable surveys. Many of us enjoy betting on the winner, as if watching a horse race, but really, what is the benefit of being on the winning team if you end up with a loser for a President?

    Win or lose, I know that Gibo is the most deserving, prepared and qualified candidate. I am proud to cast my vote for him.

    Meanwhile, there were only 3 other candidates worth thinking about:


    DON – Yes, he has a good track record with Subic and the Red Cross. He is also a relatively successful Senator. However, I’ve had a couple of first hand experiences with him, corroborated by other people’s experiences, that showed me a few unfortunate traits. He loves the sound of his own voice too much, he talks down to people, is abrasive and doesn’t like to listen to others.

    Maybe it’s from his Subic experience where everyone was a volunteer and willing to be dictated upon, but a good leader really needs to listen. A good leader should also know how to speak to people of different levels without alienating them. He needs to respect other opinions and accept that he is not an expert on everything all the time. Gordon has a “love him or hate him” personality, humility is not his strong suit and he is prone to outbursts. Basically, I think he’ll just piss a lot of people off. Sorry, but I want to actually like the person I’m voting for.

    Oh and he wants to grant amnesty to the Abu Sayyaf. Um, no. http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/nation/view/20100216-253573/Gordon-Amnesty-for-Abu-Sayyaf-armed-groups

    On the practical side, despite questioning the surveys, Gordon will really not win. In a country made up of over 7,000 islands, machinery wins elections — not advertisements, not televised debates. Simply put, Gordon doesn’t have the machinery needed to win the presidency.



    • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

      Calm down.
      When I talk about the concept of “winnability” — I don’t say that it is not a factor, but rather that the concept is exploited to make some candidates seem more winnable than others, when in reality, that is not the case.
      In this piece (which is my opinion, not a news article) I explain why I chose Gibo over 3 other candidates. I cited 3 reasons why I didn’t choose Gordon 1) personality 2) abu sayaff — basically, I can’t understand why he would punish litterbugs yet want to set murders free 3) absence of machinery
      However it is obvious that the 3 factors I mentioned don’t bother you, so go ahead and vote for Gordon.

      • willing to wtness CHANGE Says:

        what’s wrong with gordon’s personality? are you afraid of change and discipline? WE DO NOT NEED CHARISMA RUNNING OUR STRUGGLING COUNTRY. WE NEED LEADERS! GORDON IS THE ONLY QUALIFIED LEADER AMONG ALL THE PRES CANDIDATES.

      • Why I Choose Gibo Says:

        I believe that track record, performance and platform are further enhanced by a good personality. Solving this country’s problems cannot be done by one man alone; ideally, you want the best people helping you. How will that happen if people don’t want to work with you?
        In my opinion, a charismatic/amiable personality makes people WANT to work with/for you. It doesn’t mean that if you are charismatic you are a doormat, or that you will not discipline people. It simply means that you have the ability to bring out the best in people and inspire them to do their part, without bullying them.

    • netto Says:

      @drew: i also think that part made this article seem self-contradictory. But while that is so, this article nevertheless helped a bit in weighing the choices. *thankstothewriter*

  132. Loulah4GIBO Says:

    Great article! Its so refreshing to see such candicate whom i wont hear any negativity at all. I initially considered Noynoy because most of my family goes for him but when i heard him talk on one of the Presidential Forums, it dawned on me that i should be voting for this person. Such a true humble gentleman. He knows what hes talking about, composed, very intelligent, and he has what it takes..to be the next President! Go Gibo, go Green!:-)

  133. Alvin Says:

    DICK GORDON is not the president I want.
    But he is the president I need.

  134. majalya Says:

    Agreed. It’s not a waste to vote for someone who’s not topping surveys. If you believe in a person, vote for him/her. If anything, it’s added leverage for the future. The people’s choice should affect surveys, not the other way around.

  135. liz Says:

    SULONG G1BO!!!! Win or lose atleast we voted for the best!

  136. GordonParinEh Says:

    Si gibo? parang GMA lang yan for sure.. Try comparing GMa and Gibo’s traits.. parang parehas lang eh.. sa ngayon, kailangan natin ng malakas, hindi sisige sige lang lagi.. dapat matapang.. like the DICK!

    Kung sinasabi mo dapat yung president makikinig nanaman sa mga tao, ede sige, ganito lang ulit tayo. Walang magbabago for sure kasi ang paniniwalaan lang natin sarili natin. Susundan lang natin sarili natin..

    Aminin niyo na.. pasaway tayong mga pinoy, mataas pride natin eh dba? konting sita lang ng pulis reklamo agad eh.. Eh kung may taong mas mataas pa ang pride sa atin, ede ayun, magagalaw talaga tayo, for sure, didisplinado talaga ang mga tao.. hindi yung parang wala lang..

    Anyway, vote wisely nalang.. 🙂

  137. g1bo is my president Says:

    As a fellow G1bo supporter, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and find your arguments well-written and presented. Since we agree on most things, I will not comment further on the article. 🙂

    What I can’t get is why others who don’t share the author’s views feel that it is ok to attack the writer of this blog and expect her to bow to their opinions. I commend the author for actually keeping her cool for the most part and attempting to respond to all the questions and criticisms through reasoning and to a great extent with respect for each poster’s right to choose their own candidate. To criticize her for retaliating after bombarding her with several posts against her article is rather unrealistic and hypocritical. If you can dish it you should be able to take it.

    Furthermore, I don’t think it is an ego-issue when the author thanks someone for a good comment. After all, aren’t we all taught at a very young age that it is good manners to thank someone for giving you a compliment? In fact, the author even thanks those who don’t give her a compliment. I think that should say something about her character.

    Keep in mind, this is a personal blog — the author, more than anyone else, has the right to express her opinion here.

    • flash_gordon Says:

      Why I Choose Gibo, I think you really prepared for those below the belt criticisms/attacks thrown against your blog. I admire your calm in answering them with facts and patience similar of a mother to a child. 😉

      I still hope Gordon wins but at the end of the day, whoever wins, our PRESIDENT will always be the reflection of US as Filipinos and I definitely don’t want to look like Noy, Villar, or Erap (the top 3 survey leaders)!Yikes!!! 😀

  138. USHER Says:

    im a 30 years old. a doctor. thank you for your article.

    im for GIBO because he made me hope that the Philippines can have a better future. lately…..ive been really scared of the possible turn out of the election. sometimes i find myself in tears because i fear. watching just 5 minutes of the news scares me. I want a real leader. I dont like those who throw trash at others just to look clean. i always whisper in prayer…very often lately…”Lord…si Gibo. please. Make him win po…Lord si Gibo po ha”. Now that the election is just a day away. i hope his supporters will pray for him. because it is really synonymous as praying for our country.

  139. On Monday, I will Vote « Daily Optimystique Says:

    […] Why am I Voting for Gibo (and not for Gordon, Villar or Noynoy) […]

  140. jko cbu Says:

    i told my mom if she doesnt vote for G1BO on Monday..there will be no Mother’s Day today.

    God! i hav to persuade and educate my parents..times have changed.

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